The growth of Omnix

The growth of Omnix

Operating out of the UAE and serving both public and private sector clients across the whole MENA region, Omnix provides a range of industries with best-in-class IT, professional-grade audio-visual technology, and enterprise software solutions. Founded in 1987, the company has been able to accrue an enviable amount of experience in the market it serves, and it is now strategically positioned to engage with fresh technological innovations as well as a regional expansion. 


Operationally, Omnix International has five divisions: computer-aided engineering (CAE), enterprise networking solutions (ENS), public services (PSS), enterprise software (ESS), and AV Integrated Systems solution (Promedia) offerings. The company has the in-house experience to deliver its solutions to a range of different operations, which include healthcare, oil and gas, architectural and engineering, financial services, education, telecommunications, hospitality, and government institutions. Alongside sector-specific offerings, the company is also able to cater to a range of corporate clients. 

Mamoun Arsan, General Manager at Omnix ESS Division, explains how the company operates: “What we are often doing is educating our customers and, in some cases, creating new technologies for them. Omnix is built to provide technology solutions for the market. We use technology extensively, both internally and externally. 

“We have an internal portal so our people can post feedback and communicate with other departments in the organisation. It also enables our sales teams to monitor clients and spot any potential opportunities. I don't actually use any paper in my office. It's all digital because we deliver digital solutions to our customers. We have to use it before we deliver it.”

Not only does the company work extremely hard to meet the needs and expectations of the market, it also seeks to predict and address the needs of the future – looking to technology in particular. Alongside making a significant proportion of office-based operations paperless, Omnix has provided technological solutions for a number of smart city projects across the GCC and Levant. 

Arsan explains how Omnix has integrated a culture of continuous improvement into its operations: “There are many aspects of the business apart from growth that we work to improve on a year-on-year basis. We actively work to improve our delivery, our solutions offering, and customer references. We also try to improve our certification programmes as well as our partnership models.

“We have seen that our industry is changing - the normal solutions we used to offer in the past are changing with this. People are going for cloud-based software as a service infrastructure, for all types of projects and all types of business. So we started looking at opportunities in the market; we looked into new areas including transportation, migration, and healthcare. We asked ourselves how we would like to see citizens treated in terms of services, so we took the immigration part and we created a scenario for the government of the UAE.”

Innovation strategy

Headquartered in Dubai, with offices in Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait and Jordan, Omnix employs over 1,000 people who, by necessity, are trained to cover a truly diverse range of specialities, although all are focused on achieving customer satisfaction: “We have a thorough process to go through with our customers to get their feedback on our projects and how we deliver them,” Arsan explains. 

As well as ensuring its diverse employee base shares a common operational goal, amid varying roles, Omnix also dedicates a great deal of time and resources to training, employee development, and fostering a culture of openness. Arsan says: “Our KPIs cover employee evaluation. We have different tools in the organisation and each tool has a prerequisite in terms of certification and training. We encourage people to go for training to enhance their skills in a particular area and we pay for that training. 

“We have an open environment for employees to give feedback; using internal tools, employees give their feedback on issues that they're having in the workplace, as well as on the products and services that we deliver to our customers. We have dedicated people to look at the market and make sure our partners and our solutions that we offer are rated very highly in the different organisations in the world. 

“If an employee wants a different a role within the organisation – we do a lot of internal hiring – we encourage them to go for that certification. We liaise with our partners, such as IBM or Oracle, to keep up to date with what kind of training is suitable. We do a lot of such work with our partners and internally we do a lot of checks on our employees with KPIs.” 

Combining its years of in-house expertise with a flexible yet focussed partnership model has ensured that Omnix has the best-in-breed offering, alongside a roster of major supporting players; in other words, the company is positioned to be a major innovator in its region. 
“We are growing two directions,” Arsan says, “Geographically, as we are going to do business in other countries in the region and beyond, and at the same time we are investing in Public Private Partnership projects – so long-term relationships are what we are striving for.”

He adds that the company is also pioneering green initiatives holistically, and is seeking to extend its reputation as a thought-leader in this aspect. He says: “We want to reduce environment impact not only from Omnix’s perspective, but from the markets that we serve. When we use driverless cars, for example, they are battery operated.

“The smart mobility solutions such as the car-sharing model that we are proposing uses either hybrid or electronically operated cars. We want things to be green. We want to help in the green community initiative worldwide. So the kind of solutions that we would like and offer today is based around the community in terms of emissions and reduce the impact on global warming.” 

Having aligned its business model to work in harmony with the requirements of its markets, its partners, and its customers, Omnix has shored up its position as a vital part of the IT and technology sector for the MENA region. Concentrating on delivering a best-in-class package across its products, services and solutions has positioned the company to be not only profitable, but future-proof.

Jamal Abu Issa