How El Sewedy Electrometer Group became part of – and now stays ahead in – the competitive metering industry

How El Sewedy Electrometer Group became part of – and now stays ahead in – the competitive metering industry

With 19 million meters running in 46 countries, and as one of the top 10 metering companies in the world, El Sewedy Electrometer Group (EMG) has come a long way from its well-established roots. 60 years after parent company Zaki El Sewedy was formed, EMG emerged on the scene itself in 1998, and for nearly 20 years it has slowly but surely built its brand and thrived where similar businesses fell behind.

Zaki El Sewedy’s rise to prominence has been a lengthy process, with a rich timeline as follows:

  • 1938 – Zaki El Sewedy Holding (ZSG) was founded as a supplier of electrical materials in Egypt
  • 1962 – ZSG was appointed by the Egyptian government as the main supplier of all electrical materials for the largest hydro power plant in Egypt, the Aswan High Dam
  • 1980 – ZSG started investing in industry, starting with the manufacture of power cables, electricity distribution boards, electricity and gas meters, lighting fixtures, and energy-saving lamps in addition to its turn-key electrification projects
  • 1998 – ZSG established El Sewedy Electrometer (EMG), the first private sector company specialising in the design and manufacture of electricity meters in the Middle East
  • 2004 – EMG founded Ghana Electrometer Ltd, the first metering factory in West Africa, followed by the successful implementation of the e-Cash pre-payment system
  • 2007 – EMG ventured with EEPCO in Ethiopia Electrometer to produce pre-paid meters in Ethiopia, as well as with ZESCO in Zambia Electrometer
  • 2008 – EMG partnered with BMG bank in Electrometer do Brazil, in addition to Electrometer de Las Americas in Mexico with CICASA
  • 2009 – EMG established El Sewedy Electrometer India to supply Asia as well as the rest of the group with quality meters and modules
  • 2010 – EMG acquired an established meter manufacturer in the Czech Republic to supply Europe and the rest of the world with smart grid solutions

EMG is fully-focused on production of meters, network management services, large electrification projects, and product aftercare. The business expanded facilities in Africa to cover Ghana, Ethiopia, and Zambia respectively. As its success spread, EMG began to globalise, extending facilities to India, Brazil, and Mexico, before penetrating the European market by acquiring ZPA Smart Energies in the Czech Republic.

EMG has attained ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and OHSAS 18001 certification during its lifetime, and has become a sought-after partner for many other large businesses. Some of its major recent projects include the North Lebanon Project and the Ghana Ashanti BOT Project, both involving the design, manufacture, supply and installation of various metering systems.

With a portfolio that covers residential, commercial, and industrial market needs, EMG provides all kinds of meters from pre-payment products to smart meters that communicate with utility companies via GPRS.

Productivity is optimised by utilising the latest techniques in lean manufacturing and Six Sigma. Calibration and testing systems are automated, allowing simultaneous manufacture of multiple products without sacrificing accuracy, and the ability to respond to customer delivery demands without risk of human error.

The supply chain is strictly operated and El Sewedy Electrometer demands perfection at every step of the way. The company boasts a solid supplier management mechanism during which allows it to evaluate those suppliers and minimise wasted time along the way. Financial status, product quality, and costs are all analysed, and successful suppliers are invited into open dialogue with EMG to create engaged, powerful relationships.

All of EMG’s products are heavily tested by world-renowned labs, including OFGEM in the UK, MET Lab in the US, INMETRO in Brazil, LAPEM in Mexico, ERDA in India, and many more to ensure all products are of the highest quality. There are prestigious R&D houses in Egypt, India, and the Czech Republic, among other nations. Five percent of the company’s annual revenue is poured into R&D, as it refuses to buy ready-made designs and place its logo on them – EMG prefers to develop the concept itself.

El Sewedy Electrometer always keeps its eye out for growth opportunities, as despite being part of a specific market, it doesn’t have one single focus. Demand for meters is always there, meaning the business remains unaffected by the economic climate. Utilities and private companies alike require EMG’s services, and if anything, the requirements are growing due to the increasing connectedness of developing nations.

El Sewedy Electrometer’s slogan is ‘Manage Utilities Better’, which reflects its belief that its responsibilities lie beyond meters themselves and the aftercare thereof. EMG wants to enable its customers to manage their own utilities without difficulty, and offers comprehensive services to tackle that. The business consider itself a total solution provider with a focus on quality and customer service.

What truly sets El Sewedy apart from other companies in the industry is experience. Its leaders have a great deal of experience in the industry, and EMG now has 10 factories across five continents, cementing that global leadership with a production capacity of more than five million meters a year.