JBK Controls

JBK Controls

Managed by ambitious entrepreneur, K Mohammed Ghazali, pioneer and Managing Director, JBK Controls started from humble beginnings two decades ago, marketing fire alarm systems to building complexes and residential properties; today it offers turnkey solutions in the entire spectrum of ELV systems.

JBK Controls has a fully-fledged warehouse, testing and repair centre, training facility and site offices to cater to various needs of clients. Besides, JBK also offers post-contract and annual maintenance services and at any point of time carries a stock of €15 million worth of products.

The firm was recently awarded with a Platinum Award from the Executive Awards held at Baltimore this November 2014, for its outstanding and innovative work on integrated security solutions created for a prestigious government owned project. 

Ghazali, though being modest about his leadership, is proud of the way the company has grown and greatly values the work of his employees. He said: “What makes us unique in competition is the way all our team members assist clients, its not only getting an order, it’s maintaining a permanent relationship which the ultimate aim”.

Rajan Jagdish, Director at JBK Controls, said: “We have a task force of 700 working for us in Qatar and about 175 in our International branches. We have grown exponentially since 2008, almost in tandem with Qatar’s growth as a country, and that is why we doubled our resources to meet demands. We now cater to clients with a 24 hour response time from Commercial, Government and the Education Sectors in Qatar.”

As a result of this substantial work, the firm has close to 250 people who focus solely on the maintenance services and is proud to possess a response time of less than 90 minutes. 

K Mohammed Nazzar, Director of Sales said: “Life & Safety still remains our flagship product, compounded by security systems and the building automation. You get much more convenience as a customer when dealing with one single company, as we are completely integrated. In an emergency the customer needs information quickly so for them it is a clear advantage of dealing with one company with a single warranty throughout, making the process less complicated.”

JBK Controls partners with global market leaders like Honeywell, Schneider, Brandrex, Mobotix Netapp, EMC and Cisco products. With the in-house testing facility coupled with extensive in-house training, the manufacturer rarely needs to be contacted to solve technical problems.

Continuous improvement

In terms of expansion within the organisation, JBK reacts as soon as the market does. For example, the current global emphasis on energy savings and green efficiency means JBK is working to add green building energy capabilities to its premium product lines.

JBK Controls has established itself Internationally after achieving significant success in Qatar through its expertise as a system integrator. With fully operational offices in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman & India, JBK Controls is now looking at making itself known in the Western and European markets.

Although JBK’s foray into the international market is in its early stages, its presence can already be felt. Key to further market penetration is the organisation’s ability to diversify within its industry, rather than entering unfamiliar territory.

Sirajudeen Ahmed, Director of Corporate Administration, said: “One of our key strengths is the response time and the effectiveness of that response. We ensure complete satisfaction to the end product before sending it out of our premises as we value our credibility.

“This is where we take very special care in hiring quality employees. With the rapid technology change, we ensure employees are well trained on each product that we market, right from the sales team to the commissioning team, all our employees are apt about what type of business we cater to. A staff turnover of less than one percent is a winning strength”

Concluded Managing Director, K Mohammed Ghazali: “We intend on growing the international side of the business in the next five years. We already have a presence, but we are going to take those businesses to the next level and these are now the core focuses for future business growth.  Our aim is to be a preferred partner globally in the regions we participate.

“We always want to innovate, give the best offering to customers and bring the latest technology to them with our developing expertise. So that’s where we are heading, and that is why we are making major acquisitions and adding products to our stream.” 

JBK Controls