Taiba Hospital: Patient care with promise

Taiba Hospital: Patient care with promise

“Success doesn’t have a stop point. It all starts with an idea that grows and develops gradually with perseverance, determination and hard work,” expresses Taiba Hospital’s Deputy CEO Rashed Al Fadala. A small family-run business, Taiba Hospital (formerly known as Taiba Clinic) has grown in prominence to become one of the most forward-thinking healthcare providers in Kuwait.

Utilising exceptional technologies and providing outstanding patient care fully enabled Taiba Hospital to attain Joint Commission International Accreditation (JCIA) back in 2010. Embedding best practices to deliver patient safety, the hospital has become one of the first medical facilities in the region to be recognised for its pioneering work. Taiba Hospital’s ongoing achievements signify its commitment to delivering the highest quality of healthcare, adopting US standards across its operations.

Reduced infant mortality rates and soaring life expectancy have led to growing population numbers in Kuwait, where healthcare has become a key focal point within both public and private medical sectors. With a total population of 269,618 inhabitants back in 1960, according to The World Bank, the country is now home to 4,000,000 people.

Taiba Hospital’s continued success alongside such growth has seen it undergo significant expansion works and digitisation of its healthcare services. The modernising of its services whilst striving for operational excellence has seen it further improve its patient care delivery, delivering long-term advantages for both nationals and expats in the region.

Developing its services and medical expertise across the board, Taiba Hospital’s current expansion works are set for completion at the end of 2017, with a launch date for Q1 2018. This does not, however, mean that innovation has stopped.

Such growth will guarantee high standards in patient services, providing the best doctors, facilities, services and quality,” adds Al Fadala. “We have doubled the size of the hospital, upgraded the patient bed number to 110 beds, and improved the coronary care unit (CCU), intensive care units (ICUs) and labour rooms with the latest machines, introducing totally new operating theatres.”

Quality has certainly been key to the success of Taiba Hospital, highlighted by its international certification in 2015 regarding its laboratory department from the Clinical Pathology Accreditation (CAP), a leading organisation of board-certified pathologists.

“This success was continued by receiving the Baby Friendly Hospital accreditation from the Ministry of Health, UNICEF and the World Health Organisation. We became the first private hospital and the second hospital in Kuwait to receive this accreditation,” Al Fadala says with immense pride.

Additionally, back in 2016, Taiba Hospital became the first hospital regionally and internationally to be accredited in its lumbar decompression and fixation programme, and the first hospital in the Middle East to be accredited for its knee replacement programme by the JCIA.

New technologies

On the back of such achievements, digitisation of its healthcare services, in addition to guaranteeing exceptional care go hand-in-hand. Becoming the first medical facility to install a hybrid theatre to support its ambitions to guarantee advanced patient safety, Taiba Hospital’s implementation of a new international coding system will support its ongoing diagnostics and medical facilities.

Bringing the use of advanced data analytics on board to support the delivery of personalised patient care, the move will ensure that all patients are discharged with positive experiences. Furthermore, through the use of digitisation, the hospital is working to become increasingly sustainable by becoming a paperless facility. 

“Going paperless with a well-planned model that matches our staff and patient care will help Taiba Hospital ensure the patient care which we promise, alongside providing increased efficiency, better patient communication, and of course better outcomes for the environment,” adds Al Fadala.

Exceptional staff

With a vision to encourage collaboration across the board, Taiba Hospital has attracted local talent, with highly-skilled professional doctors throughout its operations, making Taiba Hospital  the target employer of Kuwaiti talent in the healthcare sector. “In 2017, we can proudly say that we have over 20 Kuwaiti doctors, from surgeons to consultants, in different departments who are ready to provide our patients with high standard services,” says Al Fadala.

“Our long-term vision at Taiba Hospital is to be recognised as the hospital of choice for patients, physicians and employees in the region. Our mission is to provide the community with patient-centred, compassionate, high quality healthcare with a strong focus on experience and wellness.”