VIVA Kuwait: Telecomms front-runner in the Middle East

VIVA Kuwait: Telecomms front-runner in the Middle East

VIVA Kuwait has quickly established itself in the country’s telecommunications market through providing a range of services to quench the customer’s thirst for effective mobile networks.

The VIVA Internet today offers tremendous speeds because of 4G LTE technology the most sophisticated, high speeds and technical application (HSDPA) network in Kuwait, which resulted in faster performance in the network at all.

The company continues to work on the acquisition of a significant stake of the telecommunications market in Kuwait, by offering an innovative range of best products and services of high value and quality.

The entire organisation is guided by four main company values:

Energetic: Our passion is performance, innovation, and delivering of superior quality. We are efficient, reliable, and highly responsive to our clients’ needs.

Transparent: We are open, trustworthy and collaborative.

Fulfilling: We offer a wide range of easy to understand products. Our actions create value, helping our customers lead more rewarding and enjoyable lives.

Engaging: All of our activities revolve around our customers.


Company ethos

Launched in December 2008, VIVA states it makes things "possible" for its customers by transforming communication, information and entertainment experiences. VIVA has rapidly established itself in the Kuwaiti market through its customer and employee-centric approach.

Eng. Salman Bin Abdulaziz Al-Badran, CEO, said: “Our vision when we first started the business was to do the process of radical change by recognising the reality of the market and focus on customer needs in everything we say and do. The word VIVA means «live», we pledge the idea of ​​enriching the lives of our customers through communication, and entertainment, and entertainment, and information transfer.

“We strive to meet the ongoing demands and individual needs of our customers through the development of strong relationships with them, understanding that different people have different requirements when it comes to network capability and data usage, and just giving them the best possible experience over time.

“VIVA provides business owners with the latest mobile phone and tablet devices for all business needs, a diverse selection of the devices are offered to satisfy all business requirements. Essentially our company brings tomorrow's technology and innovation to provide business owners with complete communication solutions that suit the business's needs as well as save time & effort.”

Tangible progress

VIVA Kuwait announced earlier this year that it added six new retail branches to its network amounting to a total of 69 branches across Kuwait, reinforcing its presence and growing closer to its customers.

The opening of these new branches come in line with the company's expansion strategy to serve a wider audience across Kuwait by offering convenience in location, and in turn the provision of excellence in customer service, and unique and exclusive packages for its customers. 

VIVA's network expansion with an additional six new branches is an achievement the company is proud to announce as it affirms its commitment to being as accessible as possible to its customers.  VIVA will continue to move forward in the same direction, to ensure customers are served swiftly and efficiently. VIVA's motivation to provide excellence in its services is driven by its passion to serve its customers and be closer to them wherever they are.

Al-Badran said: “We are also opening registrations for fifteen trainees from private and public universities to take up 2015 Summer Internships. VIVA’s Summer Internship will begin at the end of July and run until early September to provide university graduates with working experience and hands-on training. The scheme is aimed at Kuwaiti students aged 18-21 years. Participants will spend four hours daily during the summer acquiring practical knowledge at VIVA’s various departments and branches.

“We feel this is a fantastic way for young people to get some real-life work experience but also at the same time serves as a way for us to bring youthful Kuwaiti through the ranks of the organisation.”

VIVA has also posted some healthy financial results on all levels. Total revenues reached KD 66.5 million, a 20 percent growth compared with KD 55.4 million in the same quarter last year. Operating profit also increased by 34 percent in quarter one 2015 to reach KD 12.2 million up from KD 9.1 million and VIVA's total customer base increased by more than 100,000 subscribers to reach 2.51 million.

Not content with that, Al-Badran then made the list of the Best 100 Chief Executive Officers (CEO) in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region for 2015, coming 87th.

He concluded: “We are glad to have ushered in 2015 with these strong financial results. We were able to uphold our leading edge in customer service, which had a positive impact on our strong financial performance and improved our market share.  This also helped us establish our position as the second largest telecom operator in Kuwait with our customer base reaching 2.51 million subscribers. We are looking forward to playing a central role going forward in providing smart capabilities and harness telecom solutions to provide the latest and most advanced services to our customers."

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