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Future Facilities is a software company that believes the successful design and operation of systems, from chip to data centre, lies in predicting the impact of change. Their unique methodology relies on virtual prototyping and utilising engineering simulation to assess and improve performance. Future Facilities’ 6Sigma Digital Twin speeds up the decision-making process, allowing enterprises to run their data centre in an efficient, reliable and scalable way. The organisation’s 6SigmaDCX software product suite forms a digital twin, a virtual prototype, of the data centre that encompasses the entire IT and facility infrastructure including power, weight, and cooling. Powered by engineering simulation, the 6Sigma Digital Twin enables data centres to predict the impact of change by visualising and quantifying performance in a virtual environment before changes in the actual environment are carried out. This reduces risk, speeds up decision making around IT planning and capacity management and ensures the data centre is running at its most efficient. Future Facilities also offers its 6SigmaET thermal modelling tool to the electronics industry.

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