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A prominent British home, food, and clothing retailer, Marks & Spencer (M&S) operates a family of businesses in the UK and 62 other countries, owning 1,519 stores and 44 websites worldwide. Since its first years in business, the company has committed to helping its nation—and its employees—succeed. In WW2, M&S scientists worked with the British government to help with rationing strategies; in 2020, its employees pulled together to meet the challenges of lockdown. “We delivered for each other, customers and communities, with so many of our colleagues going above and beyond day after day”, the company stated. This inclusive, loyal culture is at the backbone of Marks & Spencer’s procurement. Said Andrew Newnham, Director of Group Procurement, “I’m always impressed by the people I meet at this company—how they’re so inclusive and open for ideas. If you’re good, and you want to do [innovative work], you always get the chance to do it.”

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Marks & Spencer: Achieving Procurement Excellence

Post-pandemic, British retailer Marks & Spencer pursues new procurement strategies and supplier partnerships to emerge stronger than ever

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