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Masria Digital Payments

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Throughout the past 30 years, Masria has played a key role in the region’s cards and payment processing industry and has contributed vastly to the growth of this sector by always leading on the innovation and transformation front. Staying true to its promise of constantly improving and innovating, Masria continues to expand its offerings and footprint to meet the growing demands of the market and changing needs of its customers.

Along the years, Masria Card has transitioned from producing cards to issuing cards to handling the entire payment processing cycle from start to end. In 2019 the company underwent a complete brand overhaul and, with the start of 2020, introduced digital payment processing to its well-established product mix. Now known as Masria Digital Payments (MDP), the company is ready to continue its journey of helping hundreds of companies in the MEA region seamlessly manage their payment processes and adopt digital transformation into their core businesses.

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Ahmed Nafie

CEO at Masria Digital Payments

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