Director of Digital Technology

Rajiv Peter joined Notting Hill Genesis as Solutions Manager in 2017. Responsible for the group's software engineering and digital architecture. During the group's merger in 2018, he was made the Director of Software and Support and helped consolidate the systems of both organisations, integrating it into a single layer for both customers and staff that included payments, arrears, and repairs, called WorkWise. He was subsequently promoted to Director of Digital Technology. 

Prior to working at Notting Hill Genesis, Rajiv was the Head of Digital at PEX Software, a firm specialising in enterprise software and part of RealPage.

Before this, his interest in the use of IT in democracy and local governance led to working at Porism, an agency where he maintained the central audit list of services for English local authorities on behalf of the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister. Later, he was part of the UK government National Websites Projects and he created one of the largest government metadata taxonomy and navigation, for local government websites.

Rajiv completed his MSc and was a postgraduate researcher at the prestigious London School of Economics, working on the usefulness of technology in resolving logistical issues that prevent citizens from engaging in democracy. 

As a leader he doesn't micromanage staff, preferring them to work fairly autonomously. He describes his team as bright and with transferable skills. 

Rajiv says he is laid back as a manager, but has "quite strong opinions about things that can be changed". He also believes that people must be allowed to make mistakes, as that is how you can learn to build things that are completely flexible and scalable. 

When writing the company's digital strategy he made it as clear as possible, using diagrams and keeping it to two pages, so that the same document can be presented to different people involved in the organisation, whether they are stakeholders, CEOs, or software developers. 

His current innovation areas include low-code platforms, IoT, machine learning, remote assist and virtual assistants.