May 21, 2020

ARBOREA Hotels: Providing unforgettable experiences within a new hotel concept

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Business Review Australia & Asia's September’s sustainability issue is now live

(Norwich, UK, 6/11/2018)

Specialising in everything related to hotel and hospitality services, Orange Lion Hospitality & Real Estate Solutions has sought to transform the traditional guest experience by concentrating on communication, community and bringing people together.

Developing innovative lifestyle concept, ARBOREA Hotels & Resorts, Managing Director has focused on providing services which boost guest collaboration whilst utilising sustainable materials across the business. Carpets, for example have been created out of recycled fisherman nets. The concept also utilises 100% green energy.

“The travel behaviour of tourists has changed. Many people now travel for a couple of days, but more often, rather than three weeks in a row,” he explains. “We're looking to cater to those who want to look after their health. We provide an interesting product and all kinds of services for our guests. We try to show people how you can live in a healthier way.”

Noting food traditionally brings people together, the kitchens, situated in the restaurants at ARBOREA have been strategically placed in the centre, enabling guests to cook together, as well as undertake cooking classes and events.

“When you have a group of eight to 10 people who decide to cook for an afternoon with our chef, people automatically connect to create something which tastes great, whilst they learn how to cook with fresh produce. Many people only eat convenience food nowadays, so we are looking to promote the advantages of using fresh products,” he adds. 

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