May 21, 2020

Brenntag Group’s DigiB: a multi-channel digital evolution

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(Norwich, UK, 13/12/2019)

DigiB, a Brenntag Group innovation hub,  features in this month’s edition of Bizclik Media’s publications Gigabit Magazine and Business Chief Europe, via an exclusive interview with Maarten Stramrood, CDO at Brenntag Group and Managing Director of the DigiB innovation hub. Stramrood discusses the ongoing digital transformation of the world’s largest chemical and ingredients distributor. 

A wave of digital transformation is sweeping across the global business landscape, driven by the rapid technological advancements of Industry 4.0 and the Information Age. From cutting edge robotics to paperless invoicing, companies across every industry are racing to galvanise meaningful change that improves efficiency, increases transparency, and translates into greater value for employees, suppliers, partners, customers and shareholders. 

Digital transformation is no mean feat. It can be an exhaustive, top-down process that reshapes the internal workings, culture and even purpose of an organisation; it can be a revolution. More often, however, the process more closely resembles something different – something slower, and more considered: evolution. Embodying this process is German chemical and ingredients distributor Brenntag Group and its innovation hub, DigiB. 

“When it comes to digitalisation, our approach is to create it, launch it, and learn from it,” explains Maarten Stramrood, Chief Digital Officer at Brenntag Group and Managing Director of the DigiB hub in Amsterdam. “We’re not trying to wait until we have a perfect situation; we would rather launch something fast and do it 92% right instead of delivering a platform or delivering a project which might be 100% right but which gets endlessly delayed to the point that, by the time it’s ‘ready’, it’s been out of date for two years.” For a distribution company with more than 16,600 employees operating in over 580 locations across 76 countries, Brenntag’s decision to establish the DigiB hub is a bold affirmation of the need for even large-scale companies dealing with physical products and services to rapidly accelerate their technological progress. “The business we are in is very physical, but you can enhance and improve the business in parts of the supply chain by using digital technology,” explains Stramrood. “I think this is the kind of definition that we have for digital transformation.” 

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