May 21, 2020

CSI Energy Group’s journey to sustainable growth in Africa through openness and honesty

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(Norwich, UK, 05/09/2018)

Through amalgamating CSI Electrical Ltd and CSI Engineering over the past few years, CSI Energy Group (CEG) has undergone significant culture change and growth. Underpinning this, as the company grows further across Africa than ever before, have been the core values of honest and openness.

In addition, CEG adapts to the various regions it bases its projects in to change the lives of local communities, while staying true to the company’s overall commitment to quality. “We’re an African company. We’ve built our reputation doing African projects in Africa. We take a very collaborative approach: you can’t come in and force your way, because very shortly you’ll be forced out,” explains Peter Gathercole, Director of Business Development.

“What we are trying to take to new countries is our brand, culture of safety, and an ability to bridge the quality gap which international companies find difficult to do in Africa,” he adds.

CEG’s culture change has been no mean feat, but it has adapted to challenges it comes across in Africa admirably. “You can’t come to Africa and be sustainable if you’re not using the African workforce,” says Annette Kanora, Group Communications Officer. “Skills are not the most readily available at a world standard, but the mindset is to work with what you have and what’s available in the country, and impart the knowledge or quality you want.”

Central to this adaptability has been ensuring the right workforce is on board, whether they are new to the company or have witnessed the significant transformation of culture first hand.

“Having to uproot deep held habits and beliefs has been a journey, and still is,” explains Tunu Kinabo, Director of Business Services. “Tanzanians, and Africans in general, are very short-term in the way we look at things. We are therefore working to get people to think long-term which means being more structured. We overcome such challenges by being very clear in what we’re changing and why we’re changing.”

Read more about CEG’s journey in the magazine.

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