May 21, 2020

ESAG: digitisation across the supply chain

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(Norwich, UK, 14/08/2018)

Established alongside the evolution of Dubai, the Easa Saleh Al Gurg Group LLC (ESAG) has grown organically to become one of the leading business houses in the UAE. Now commercialised into various necessities, it has tapped into key areas of progression in the Middle East, such as infrastructure and services, manufacturing, retail and building infrastructure.

Representing 27 companies and spanning 22 countries, the company has undertaken a complete overhaul of its supply chain functions in order to drive increased value across the business, whilst remaining competitive against emerging players in the market.

“Companies are increasingly using their supply chain to compete and gain market share. Supply chain excellence is more widely accepted, and we are no exception to it,” explains Group Head of Supply Chain, Irfan Kapadia.

In order to remain competitive, ESAG has adopted strategic sourcing as part of its cost structure and has formalised the way it seeks to gather information. This is then used to consolidate its requirements to provide economies of scale when negotiating with suppliers.

“We don't just focus on local vendors or just one part of the world but try to have multiple sourcing avenues worldwide. If I have two suppliers, we try to have another two from the farthest regions so it does not affect the supply chain. The same goes for our internal, local suppliers,” adds Kapadia.

“We have really streamlined a lot of our purchasing where we have received over 30% savings in many of our companies because of our consolidation. This all adds up into our supply chain savings,” notes Abdulla Al Gurg, Group Chief Executive Officer.

Known as pioneers in adopting new technologies in the UAE, ESAG partnered with SAP Ariba and has deployed its upstream and downstream modules to automate its supply chain processes. Looking into data and analytics, the company has sought to increasingly look at the ways in which technology can benefit the business, grow its top line, save costs and improve efficiency.

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