May 21, 2020

IBL Together details the streamlining of mergers through next-gen technology in Business Chief MEA

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(Norwich, UK, 13/11/2019)

In this month’s issue of Business Chief MEA magazine, Laurent Fayolle, Group Information Technology Executive at IBL Together, discusses his role in restructuring and leading the group IT department and his plans for the future.

As Foyelle tells the publications, IBL Together encompasses an incredibly diverse portfolio across industries, from manufacturing to banking and beyond. Through enabling staff to have greater autonomy Fayolle has enabled the integration of IoT systems across these multiple departments to create a greater operational efficiency. In the article, he explains how a decentralised model can grant a workforce the freedom to manage day-to-day functions whilst using AI analytics to grant visibility to management and executives. In turn, he notes, this reduces the need for consistent intervention by capturing and visualising operational data much more efficiently than analogue processes. 

The analysis and distribution of data through AI analytics is a key factor for change across a range of industries. Fayolle explains: “The expression I consider is ‘data is the new oil’. However, I think that’s only true if you can get useful information from the data you own. Without context – without it being interpretable – the data is useless. Information is key.” 

The inter-connectivity of cloud-based data analytics, AI or machine learning presents its own issues with regard to cybersecurity. The credibility of external threats on a network are increasing and a company must match that rapid development if it wishes to stay ahead of the trends in cybersecurity. On this, Singh speaks on his experiences tackling security issues and the range of solutions being implemented to make IBL Together’s systems more robust and reliable. 

You can read more about IBL Together’s journey in the magazine.

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