May 21, 2020

London Borough of Waltham Forest - sharing services, transforming lives

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(Norwich, UK, 6/11/2018)

Providing an array of services, from adult social care, housing and vocational training, recreational facilities and more, London Borough of Waltham Forest supports more than a million citizens, where its producrment division has sought to tackle a number of challenges within its multifarious portfolio.

Although the procurement previously focused on compliance, process and following regulations, the industry is now looking for those with commercial know how and can identify opportunities across its procurement and supply chain activities.

Creating the first local authority shared business function with the north London borough of Enfield in 2011, Director of Procurement, Dave Levy has enabled the two boroughs to look at its procurement activities and formulate joint arrangements to drive long-term advantages.

“For example, we’ll look at social care, where there may be examples where one borough has done something innovative or something that's not quite worked. The benefits are slow and obvious, but the simple efficiency benefits of doing something once, there's a potential financial benefit. There’s also a cost benefit in sharing experiences, learning and maximising efficiency,” he explains.

“This is where I am most proud, delivering the shared service back via Enfield and out through Redbridge. We buy everything from paperclips, to education, social care and new buildings. There aren't many jobs where you get a hold on all that stuff.”

Keen to drive continuous improvement, the council has therefore sought to invest in new technologies and gain a deeper understanding of its supplier roadmap.

Whilst all local authorities in London have adopted an electronic tendering system, the council has adopted an e-tendering system which undertakes all associated procurement activities.

“Whether you are after a quote for £10,000, or you're going after a multi-million-pound contract, it all goes through that system. Everything gets published on our contracts register and once for audits - it's for transparency,” he adds.

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