May 21, 2020

This month in Business Chief, Asahi Europe explains how procurement is helping it to become a global procurement power

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(Norwich, UK, 13/09/2019)

In this month’s Business Chief Europe and Supply Chain Digital, we talk to Asahi Europe in order to understand how procurement is driving growth at the company.

Ian Brenton is Head of Procurement at Asahi Europe, the recently formed European division of Japanese beverage company Asahi. “Asahi bought the businesses because they wanted a footprint with global premium brands, to help offset the declining domestic revenues” says Brenton. “The procurement function’s primary aim is to support the growth of the business through competitive, predictable costs, improved working capital, assured supply and supplier-sourced innovation, all generated in an environmentally & socially sustainable manner.”

One of the key tasks Breton’s department performs is in providing packaging, to contain products as well as emphasising their premium nature. “Part of the challenge is ensuring that we can readily respond to business requests overcoming the specific challenges unique to each packaging type,” says Brenton. “Primary packaging, in most cases, is quite a capital intensive business - there's quite a large capital investment before you bring on stream new capacity.”

Another consideration in the procurement process is sustainability, as Brenton explains. “From a sustainability standpoint, when we work with suppliers we deliberately look for programmes which will help to reduce our CO2 footprint, improve recycling rates, reduce wastage, increase recycled content and aid our transition to greener energy.”

Read more about Asahi Europe’s journey in the magazine.

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