May 21, 2020

Nando’s: beyond automation – the team behind the technology

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(Norwich, UK, 13/09/2019)

As Nando’s adopts new innovative technologies to ensure its supply chain operations are nimble to growth, the Head of Supply Chain also has a strong focus on its people and ensuring the team are upskilled, engaged and are the focal point of automation.

Nando’s is built on the solid foundations of family, integrity, pride, passion and courage. In 2014, Dean Pillay was introduced to the motto: “Have fun and make money” – in that order. In 2016, Pillay became Nando’s Head of Supply Chain, and has since endeavoured to ensure this motto is included in everything he does, and is passed on to his team and business partners. “My role has evolved over the time I have been at Nando’s – it has been the most exciting evolution I have ever experienced. I started in a role of Logistics Manager, handling export shipments out of South Africa with one person in my team. Today, in my role, I look after the wider supply chain which is strongly focused on four primary and overarching areas: Global Production, New Product Development, Operations & Integrated Business Planning, and Product Integrity.”

As supply chain and procurement operations gain momentum across a range of industries globally, no longer being viewed as back-office functions, their role at Nando’s is changing too. “The supply chain and procurement roles have been edging closer and closer to centre stage – moving closer to taking their rightful place on the mainstream business podium. We are continuing to integrate across all functions to bring business equilibrium to an ever-turbulent commercial world,” he says.

“We are fortunate that at Nando’s the supply chain is seen as a critical cog in the company’s well-oiled machine. When I joined, supply chain – or rather logistics – was viewed as a peripheral and basic function that got containers out the door. It was a functional department tasked with handling order administration,” he adds.

“Even as a young, small team we have achieved so much,” Pillay notes. “The team has managed to be so nimble to adapt and react to changes in our ecosystem, both macro and micro. We have moved entire production capabilities and expertise across continents, we have researched, developed and implemented new packaging substrates and formats at break-neck speeds without compromising quality whilst staying current and abreast of regulations and the happenings in the industry.”

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