May 21, 2020

Paddy Power Betfair: Ripping up the sports betting rule book through digitisation

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(Norwich, UK, 10/08/2018)

Paddy Power Betfair (PPB) has come a long way from its humble origins. Merging with rival Betfair in 2015, the company has completely digitised the customer experience, opened up into new markets and developed new tools to drive innovation to further attract and retain its growing customer base.

Offering the best features in responsive applications, PPB has developed powerful predictive models to price more keenly and offer greater value to customers and implemented an exceptional digital infrastructure along the way.  

“Developing deeper analytics engines to understand customer preferences also requires processing power and large data stores. Technology is at the heart of all of this,” explained Technology Director, Cathal Sheridan.

Developing its new infrastructure stack, ‘i2,’ encompassing a private software defined data centre (SDDC) and a fully scripted continuous integration/continuous (CI/CD) pipeline, PPB has given delivery teams the ability to drive deployment to its new infrastructure. Additionally, developers are now able to utilise the i2 pipeline to acquire, compute, store and provide network resources, entirely independent of PPB’s infrastructure team.

“This was about enabling innovation by expediting the feature and product delivery process. We knew this would also have a positive impact on our ability to resolve service issues through immutable software and hardware. The new platform also brought us to higher levels of cross-site resilience,” he says.

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