May 21, 2020

Rotana Hotels: developing a sustainable portfolio for the future

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Business Review Australia & Asia's September’s sustainability issue is now live

(Norwich, UK, 07/12/2018)

Combining a unique understanding of the culture and communities of the Middle East with a collective, international team, Rotana Hotel Corporation has acquired extensive experience in the hospitality industry.

Launching its sustainability objectives in 2012, Rotana has expanded its vision through its global corporate sustainability platform, Rotana Earth. Not solely placing emphasis on consumer demands, but remaining conscious of its ongoing environmental, economic and social impact, the business wants to enhance communities, whilst placing a unique touch within all hotels under its umbrella.

“Customers are more aware and are expecting a lot from the places they stay, particularly in terms of sustainability practices. We have to make sure we meet that expectation,” explains Head of Sustainability at Rota Hotels, Christiane Zeidan.

“It’s essential to have a smarter balance, ensuring sustainability standards whilst ensuring the guest does not have pay more, as we work to meet our targets and sustainability KPIs.”

Engaging with an array of stakeholders has enabled the business to expand into new territories, whilst placing an emphasis on environmental and areas related towards its social responsibility goals.

“The immediate notion is that sustainability will cost us more money, which is wrong. We try to show how much we're going to save on by how much business we're going to have if we demand these sustainability practices,” she adds.

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