May 21, 2020

Scandic Hotels: transforming breakfast through technology

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(Norwich, UK, 6/11/2018)      

Scandic Hotels is revolutionising the way it provides breakfast through the launch of a new app called ‘Too Good to go’ which helps eliminate food waste by offering leftover food to the public at discounted prices.

Morten Malting, Director of Food & Beverage of Scandic’s Norwegian operations, believes the new app has been an excellent initiative that has mutually benefitted Scandic and its customers. “The system allows us to get money for food that would otherwise go in the bin. At Scandic, we like to say that we make our food with heart and passion. It belongs in the stomach rather than the bin,” says Malting.

Scandic has also embraced another digital app called ‘We Know Solutions’ which connects a phone device to a weight. Through the system, it enables Scandic to measure the left-over food from the buffet or a customer’s plate to form an in-depth look at what is going in the bin.

“If you really want to save the world with cutting down on overproduction, you have to start at the other end,” explains Malting. “You have to buy the right amount, you have to spend the right amount of time on production, and you have to serve the right amount so that you really avoid the leftovers. That's what we're aiming for.”

In the last seven years, the firm has seen its total number of hotels increase from 20 to 85 with food and beverage sales also rocketing from $22mn to $220mn.

“The journey of the quality of our products has been amazing,” says Malting. “Some hotels performed well but unfortunately others didn't. When I came into the role seven years ago, we bought a lot of ready-made food and we simply heated it in the oven. Today, we're a chain of hotels recognised for great food and beverage experiences.”

You can read more about Scandic Hotels’ journey in the magazine.

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