May 21, 2020

Zurich Insurance: where the customer comes first

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(Norwich, UK, 13/09/2019)

Zurich Insurance Group has forged its reputation as one of the world’s leading and most trustworthy insurers for over 140 years, focused on caring for its customers and serving them. With roots in Switzerland, Zurich was originally founded as a marine insurer in 1872 before moving into a range of insurance fields to help its customers understand and protect themselves from risk.

Traditionally, the insurance industry has focused more on products than customer experience. Monika Schulze, Zurich’s Global Head of Customer Experience & Digital Strategy, believes technology is the key enabler to deliver the transformation that will continue to support the company’s customer goals. “Our focus on the customer journey and finding better ways to serve them is fascinating,” she says. “It means we have to change the culture of the company to work in a completely different way.”

For Zurich, the digital transformation required is driven by customer experience. “You have to start with your customers’ feedback and analyse their journey,” confirms Schulze. “You need to define a must-win area, where you want to be better than the competition and then delight your customers so that they come back and buy more. Technology is an enabler to get to this position. The customer need, however, is the starting point for defining a superior position in the market.”

Schulze explains that the Net Promoter Score (NPS) program is one source that has provided that valuable feedback from customers which has pushed Zurich’s transformation. “It’s extremely important to demonstrate how customers’ feedback and actions derived from that have an impact on business results. For example, there is a correlation between higher NPS scores and retention rates,” she says.

You can read more about the company’s journey in the magazine.

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