May 19, 2020

16% of UK SMEs have not invested in business technology since 2013

Bruno Reis
2 min
16% of UK SMEs have not invested in business technology since 2013

One in six, or 16%, of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the UK have not invested in business technology in the past five years or more.

During the review period 24% of the SMEs have neglected upgrading basic business programmes, according to a recent report released by Currys PC World Business.

22% of the firms not updated internet or cloud providers in the previous five years, whilst 11% have not updated cybersecurity software.

However, 71% of SMEs claim that up-to-date technology is crucial factor in business success, with customer engagement, staff productivity, and business growth all expected as outcomes of technology investment.


“For SMEs, having access to the right tech can be the difference between survival and disaster,” stated Jim O'Hagan, Business Development Director at Currys PC World Business.

“Too many SMEs are failing to give their business the chance it deserves, holding off on tech investment as they simply don’t know what to buy or how to use it.”

“That’s why we’re here: by offering free guidance and support, we can help small business owners overcome these barriers and make the best technological decisions for their business.”

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