Sep 08, 2021

Fujitsu x Husqvarna: Building trust through smarter contract

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Fujitsu and Husqvarna discuss how they are using SirionLabs’ easy-to-use, highly configurable smarter contracting platform.

Fujitsu Sweden relies on SirionLabs and its SirionOne platform to better manage contracts with customers. 

Fujitsu Sweden is a long-term partner of SirionLabs, which has delivered a customised solution that fits Fujitsu’s vision for improved customer delivery.

“Part of the journey we have with our customers is building better trust,” explains Håkan Redtzer, Head of Sweden Delivery, Fujitsu, based in Stockholm, Sweden.

“We want to be a trusted advisor. To do that we need transparency around how we are compliant with contracts, so it shows we are professional. SirionLabs has absolutely helped with that. That’s what Sirion brings to us.”

One of Fujitsu’s most valued customers in Sweden is Husqvarna Group – a company with a rich heritage dating back 332 years, and now most well known as a manufacturer of superior outdoor power tools.

Priding itself on innovation, Husqvarna was receptive to the idea of moving from Excel spreadsheets and mountains of paperwork to the digital solution suggested by Fujitsu and powered by SirionLabs.

“From a customer perspective, Fujitsu introduced us to the SirionOne platform a couple of years ago and we saw possibilities to be more efficient in administrative processes,” says Fredrik Berg, Director of End-User Services, Husqvarna Group.

“We also increased knowledge, experience and focus on the KPIs. We have saved a lot of admin time utilising the SirionOne platform.”

Redtzer recalls that when Fujitsu first considered SirionLabs it looked at how the platform could make it more efficient when it came to managing contracts and the business on each account, and also wanted to transform how it looked at contracts – using them as a tool in the relationship with customers. Creating a single source of truth and connect all enterprise teams through real-time contract intelligence enabling unprecedented confidence and collaboration across the contracting lifecycle.

He wanted to achieve clarity and transparency around the contracts – those were the main drivers.

“When we looked at the SirionOne platform, we saw it had lots of benefits but, from our point of view, we wanted to get a little bit more out of it, so we had to adjust the implementation to fit our needs,” says Redtzer. “We had lots of support from SirionLabs to make that happen.”

“The fact we have the SirionOne platform in place now makes our relationships better with our customers. We are a trusted partner. Yes, we are leveraging the data, but really, we are leveraging interaction and engagement with our customers, bringing teams together to author stronger agreements, manage risk and strengthen counterparty relationships.”

Fujitsu identified many other benefits of using the SirionOne platform, including:

Automated Service Delivery Model 

The ability to standardise and automate processes and move away from inconsistent manual interactions

Reduce Cost-to-Serve

Avoid unnecessary costs like service credits and contract disputes

Improve Compliance-to-Contract

Drive higher contractual compliance to improve customer relationships

Market Differentiator 

Differentiate Fujitsu in the market by sharing data real-time with customers and demonstrating that Fujitsu delivers on contracted promises

Improve Revenue and Cash Position

Automating the billing process and making it easier for clients to validate. Reduce time between work completion and cash payment

Account Growth

Help drive account growth through higher customer satisfaction, successful delivery and improved market reputation

“We are seeing gains, that mean we can spend more time around contract management and we have better control over what we get out of those contracts,” says Redtzer. “We are digitising the whole process for multiple benefits. We gain speed and accuracy, which leads to predictability and customer satisfaction.”

Husqvarna’s Berg is impressed with the benefits his business sees by working with Fujitsu and using the SirionOne platform.

“It’s a relationship thing,” says Berg. “Visibility, everything in one place and having open discussions around the contracts. It’s totally transparent, which is important from a trust perspective.”

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