Jun 01, 2020

10 interesting facts about Washmen

Jad Haloui
COO at Washmen
Rami Shaar
Bizclik Editor
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10 interesting facts about Washmen

Washmen is the new company that has recently launched in Dubai. The company allows you to order laundry pickup and delivers the clothes back to you. The laundry ordering service seems to be a growing business, with pre-existing companies including Cleanly and My Laundry Box. Here are ten facts about Washmen.


1: Washmen was co - founded by Jad Haloui, a previous engineer a Schlumberger. He launched Washmen in 2015 and is currently COO at the company.

2: The current CEO and co-founder of Washmen is Rami Shaar, who was previously the operations and logistics manager at Uber and an Analyst at Swincorp.

3: In an interview with Forbes, Jad Haloui said that the company currently has four employees and 1,400 monthly users. Washmen charges around a third of the highest-priced laundry services charge; $2.25 per item.

4: Washmen was launched with regional start up accelerator program Flat6Labs, one of the largest accelerators in the Middle East. Flat6Labs has offices in Jeddah, Abu Dhabi, Beirut, Cairo and Tunis.

5: In November 2015, Washmen was given $400,000 in funding by Ali Dayekh, a Saudi investor, to further develop the company and the app.

6: Since its start up in March 2015, Washmen has raised $500,000, and has been in business for just over a year, and in development for a year and a half before that.

7: Washmen works to be as on demand as possible, and allows customers to schedule 30-minute window pickups and drop offs.

8: Washmen has specific pricing based on the items being washed; shirts can range between $5-$8 while jeans can range between $7-$10. For a full bag of clothes (each Washmen bag can hold 40 items) the cost is $79.

9: The minimum billing order is $45, and if the order is less than the minimum pricing, the customer will still be charged $45.

10: Washmen also offers corporate discounts, employee expense policy management and corporate partnerships.

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