Feb 28, 2021

Gartner: Top 10 data and analytics trends 2021

Bizclik Editor
5 min
From artificial intelligence to small data and graph technology, these top 10 trends should be a consideration for all chief data officers, reports Gartner

The pandemic has been a learning curve for business, with many organisations that use traditional analytics techniques relying heavily on large amounts of historical data realising that many of these models are no longer relevant.

And that’s where these 10 data and analytics trends forecast by Gartner for 2021 come in. Representing business, market and technology dynamics, these data and analytics trends “can help organisations and society deal with disruptive change, radical uncertainty and the opportunities they bring over the next three years”, says Rita Sallam, Distinguished VP Analyst, Gartner.  

“Data and analytics leaders must proactively examine how to leverage these trends into mission-critical investments that accelerate their capabilities to anticipate, shift and respond.”

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