Jan 8, 2021

Tech VC: top ten trends to watch in 2021

Mark Sherman, Managing Partner…
5 min
Shaping the 6G vision...

5G networks are now with us, so improving their performance and planting seeds for “6G” will be important in 2021. For example, one of our portfolio companies, Cohere, is today helping mobile operators by increasing spectral efficiency. This approach does to the network what Google did to the internet – making the internet searchable by mapping a mathematical model onto the location of all the information on the web. Similarly, Cohere makes a radio network predictable, scalable and high performance by mapping in a mathematical model to understand the information about each mobile channel, independent of handset, antenna, processor or radio. Not only will this help operators with 5G now, but it opens the opportunity for Cloud RAN and provides some early frameworks for 6G down the road.  

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