Jun 01, 2020

Top 10: Car Manufacturers in Europe 2014

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Top 10: Car Manufacturers in Europe 2014

The European car market is growing in terms of sales. The first half of this year saw a 6.2 percent growth which allowed almost all manufacturers to increase their revenues.

As total passenger vehicle registrations in the European Union and EFTA countries hit 6,851,552 in this period, which car makers came out on top and sold the most models?

While there is one runaway leader, the rest of the top 10 remains tight, with places six to 10 only separated by 60,000 units. Here is the list:

#10 Fiat – 324,735 cars sold

Fiat saw a 1.9 percent increase in sales in the first half of 2014, with its distinctive 500 model proving to be somewhat of a saviour for an otherwise difficult H1. In the UK more than 35,000 new registrations have been made so far this year, with the company expanding the range to include MPVs and Abarth versions.

#9 Mercedes-Benz – 332,409

Daimler’s luxury flagship brand Mercedes-Benz, while growing below the average rate seen across Europe, still boosted sales by nearly four percent, with its C Class range continuing to prove popular. The company remains firmly among the ‘German Big 3’ alongside Audi and BMW; the trio dominating sales of luxury cars worldwide.

#8 Citroen – 333,195

A growth in sales of 2.7 percent was enjoyed by Citroen, part of PSA. This year it released the C4 Cactus, car described as “quirky, affordable and different” by Auto Express. It is an important move for the company, who for some time have been producing rivals to the VW Golf with little success.

#7 BMW – 347,154

BMW’s sales across Europe rose by 5.7 percent in H1 2014, bumping it up to seventh. The 3 Series is widely-recognised as one of the best executive cars you can buy, and many dipped into their wallets and snapped up the new March 14-plate registrations. Nearly 30,000 people in the UK have bought a 3 Series model this year to date.

#6 Audi – 384,574

Audi saw a similar increase to BMW, seeing its sales grow by 5.6 percent. While not as popular as its parent company VW’s own brand, models like the A3 never seem to tire, with new versions continually proving to be strong sellers. Despite using the same engines as the VW Golf, the luxury feel to the A3 appeals to many across Europe and justifies to price difference.

#5 Peugeot – 420,422

Peugeot continues to upgrade its familiar range of models which has seen the company increase its car sales by 7.2 percent. The new 308 recently won an award for European Car of the Year 2014, praised for its deceptive amount of boot room and flat seating which allows space for pushchairs among other bulky items. The RCZ R released this year is also the most powerful model the company has ever produced.

#4 Renault – 467,994

Cars made under the Renault Group Conglomerate accounted for nearly a quarter of all sales in Europe in H1. The ever-popular Renault Clio was the third most popular model sold in this period, with the company continually producing subtle upgrades to the well-known and recognised small hatchback. Renault sales shot up for 13.7 percent, making it among the fastest-growing manufacturers in Europe.

#3 Opel/Vauxhall – 473,082

Vauxhall continues to perform strongly and is underpinned by the success of its Corsa and Astra staples, which have respectively seen 47,482 and 62,693 people in the UK buy them this year to date. The Adam is also a fairly recent introduction to the UK market, with the company looking to build on the Opel brand’s success in Germany where the car has sold well.

#2 Ford – 508,327

More the half a million sales in H1, Ford’s numbers increased by a solid 6.5 percent. The Fiesta and Focus, like Vauxhall’s Astra and Corsa, appear to be accounting for a good deal of overall sales, with the Fiesta the second-best selling model in Europe ahead of the Clio. It is also by far the best-selling car in the UK at present, according to Auto Express.

#1 Volkswagen – 830,148

The runaway leader and dominating brand in the European car market despite only a 2.7 percent increase in H1 sales. The VW Golf is Europe’s most popular car, with the smart and sporty hatchback able to appeal to huge spectrum of drivers, young and old. It boasts a premium feel and its pricing means that many will opt for a Golf rather than a supposedly higher-end and more expensive hatchback. 

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