Mar 18, 2021

Top 10 CEOs in the United Arab Emirates

Kate Birch
9 min
From spearheading rapid expansion to pioneering industry development and driving new technologies, we highlight the top 10 CEOs in the UAE in 2021

Referencing the recently released Forbes’ Top 100 CEOs in the Middle East 2021, we highlight the leading 10 CEOs in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). 

Forbes’ regional list, which highlights the 100 executives making significant contributions to the economies across the Middle East, featured 24 nationalities, from Egyptian and Emirati to Saudi and Qatari, for 2021, and spanned industries including banking, energy, aviation and telecoms. 

Referencing the list, we have highlighted the top 10 leading CEOs in the United Arab Emirates, those executives leading and pioneering change across some of the country’s leading companies, including one of the world’s largest energy organisatons, one of the world’s most acclaimed airlines, and one of the world’s biggest telecoms operators.

From spearheading rapid expansion, and undertaking major restructuring, to pioneering sector change, and driving adoption of new technologies and initiatives, these leaders have emerged as not just changemakers within their respective companies, but within their industries, within the UAE, and even internationally. 

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