Jun 01, 2020

The top 10 executive gifts

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The top 10 executive gifts

Written by......Joe Johnson


We all know that buying presents for anyone is difficult at the best of times, the continual struggle to purchase a gift that’s original, useful and exciting is a familiar one for many when birthdays and other special occasions come around each year. Perhaps the toughest people to buy for however are those that have everything, after all, how can you possibly please someone that has the disposable income to treat themselves whenever they want? In situations like this, it’s not often the value of your gift that matters, but the thought that goes into it.


1.       Cuff Links

It may be clichéd, but cuff links are a great, cost effective way to add some spice to an otherwise utilitarian work outfit. Cuff links do serve a practical purpose, to bind the sleeves on shirts without buttons, they are the perfect way to top off a smart shirt and suit combo, and are available in several different shapes, colours and designs. From the colours of their national flag, to the logo of their favourite football team, or even engraved with an inspirational quote, cuff links are open to virtually limitless levels of customisation. Subtle and inoffensive, they can be purchased individually or as part of a gift set with a tie or more expensive item of jewellery.



2.       Starbucks Hamper

What executive doesn’t like coffee? This magical caffeinated elixr has become a staple drink for office workers over the past ten years with the rapid rise of fashionable coffee oulets like Starbucks, but now the authentic coffeehouse experience can be had in the office with this Starbucks selection pack including different types of coffee, shortbread, and a mug.


3.       Sena UltraSlim Leather Case

An iPhone is of course too huge an expense to gift, but accessories can be the perfect compliment to this must-have piece of kit. Executive gifts are all about sleek, understated style, and this leather pouch oozes just that while also protecting the phone from knocks and drops.


4.       Gym Memership

Any self-respecting executive likes to keep in shape, after all a healthy body means a healthy mind and increased productivity, so whether they enjoy a lunchtime workout or an evening session, an annual gym membership makes the perfect gift for any health-conscious exec.



5.       Loake Shoe Shining Kit

Buy an executive shoes and he will look smart for a week, buy him a shoe shining kit and he’ll have the resources to keep his footwear shining bright forever more. The sign of any consummate professional is clean shoes, so make them sparkle with the Loake shoe shining kit including polish, applicator brush, buffer and shoe horn.



6.       Magazine Subscription

Any executive worth their weight keeps up with current affairs, but give them the ability to stay in touch with industry news (or fantasize about what new car they want to buy) with an annual magazine subscription from WHSmith. For the ultramodern tech-savvy exec, a digital tablet-based magazine subscription would make an even better gift.



7.       Posturite posture Enhancing Foot Rest

A tall, confident posture is a must for any exec looking to make an impression, whether attending and interview or presenting to key stakeholders. This discrete under-desk foot rest helps ensure a straight back with very little effort.



8.       Keyboard Cleaning Wipes

Maintaining a clean keyboard is essential for a professional looking desk, and preventing any nasty bacteria from forming, after all, any time off sick is work hours down the drain. Keep keyboards looking great and free from germs with these cleaning wipes.



9.       Mini Grooming Kit

In business, appearance is almost as important as substance, so ensure your exec has the necessary tool-kit to trim, preen, clip, comb and generally look the consummate professional that they are. Discrete and portable, this can be taken anywhere.



10.   Dyson Desk Fan

Keeping cool in the summer months is a must, after all who can work when the mercury rises and the air-con is on the blink? If you’ve got a generous budget –these don’t come cheap - then ensure your exec is cool in more ways than one with this blade-less Dyson desk fan, or ‘air multiplier’ as they like to call it.


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