Jun 01, 2020

Top 10: Fast Food Chains in Europe

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Top 10: Fast Food Chains in Europe

Despite being dominated by brands emerging out of the United States, Europe is home to many of its own fast food chains that can compete with the global giants on the affordability and quality of their offerings.

Here we take a look at 10 from around the continent that cannot be found across the Atlantic.

#10 Kotipizza – Finland

Kotipizza is the largest pizza chain to be found in the Nordic countries, and posts annual sales of around €75 million from its largely-franchise business model. With 300 restaurants in Finland alone, the brand image which revolves around carefully selected ingredients has struck a chord with the natives and beyond.

#9 Flunch – France

Beginning in 1971 on the outskirts of Lille, Flunch has grown to a chain of 200+ restaurants all over the country. It is comparable to Sizzler in the United States in that most outlets are located in large shopping centres or on motorway service stations. The Flunch experience revolves around customers having their meat cooked to order in front of them at ‘la grille’.

#8 Kochlöffel – Germany

Renowned for its turquoise plastic fork resembling a cooking spoon, Kochlöffel managed to sell three million grilled half chickens, 6.7 million Hamburgers, 1.4 million sausages, 0.4 million servings of salad and 1,000 tons of French fries in 2012. The company has been operating since 1961 and trades in Poland under the name Conieco.

#7 Sibylla – Sweden

Sibylla is a hugely popular service station outlet across much of Sweden and Finland with a history that dates to the early part of last century. In 1932 the first Sibylla sausage was served and in the following 80 years its menu has expanded to include meatballs, burgers, kebabs and chicken.

#6 FEBO – Netherlands

FEBO is a chain of Dutch fast food outlets where customer purchase fries, burgers and beverages in a vending machine style process. Other popular items sold include krokets (croquettes), frikandellen (similar to a hot dog) and Kaassoufflés (deep-fried cheese-filled wrap). There are more than 20 of these outlets in Amsterdam alone and the company is ran on a franchise model.

#5 Teremok – Russia

This popular Russian chain specialises in crepes, or blinis, and has nearly 200 restaurants in St Petersburg and Moscow. The first Teremok opened in 1998 in a street kiosk in Moscow, and today the company operates restaurants and outlets in shopping malls and airports alongside its traditional street-side stands.

#4 Spudulike – UK

Spudulike pays homage to one of the UK’s trademark ingredients, the potato (or spud). First opening in Edinburgh in 1974, the chain continues to serve freshly baked potatoes with a wide variety of fillings from its outlets which now mainly operate in shopping centres.

#3 Goody’s – Greece

Greece’s biggest fast food chain with 100,000 daily visitors. Founded in 1975 in Thessaloniki, the company has turned into the country’s most well-respected burger specialist, and now has a make your own burger speciality starting at just €1.40.  There are upwards of 200 Goody's restaurants in Greece, Cyprus, Portugal, Bulgaria, Albania, Republic of Macedonia and Belarus.

#2 Nordsee – Germany

The success of German chain Nordsee shows that healthy fast-food options can more than compete with its more traditional counterparts. Specialising in seafood, customers can buy raw and smoked products as well as hot meals and sandwiches. The company has a rich and deep history, starting 1896 to supply fish to the restaurants of Bremen, and now has hundreds of franchises across Central and Eastern Europe.

#1 Yo! Sushi

Continuing the healthy theme is YO! Sushi, founded in 1997 by British entrepreneur and former star of Dragon’s Den Simon Woodroffe. Principally based in the UK, the sushi specialist has now spread to other parts of Europe such as Norway, and now operates in parts of the Middle East.

The company quickly became a leading sushi outlet and inspired supermarkets to stock packages of the popular snack and light lunch on their shelves.

YO! Sushi now serves more the five million customers a year across its 70 restaurants, with a variety of food way beyond its staple, including delicious soups, rice or noodle-based dishes, salads, tempura and even hot classics like Chicken Katsu Curry, Salmon Firecracker Rice or Yakisoba noodles. In all there are more than 80 Japanese-inspired dishes. 

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