Jun 01, 2020

Top 10 logistics locations in Europe

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Jess Shanahan
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Top 10 logistics locations in Europe

Prologis, Inc., the global leader in industrial real estate, today announced the launch of new research, revealing the top logistics locations in Europe for occupiers.

  1. Venlo   
  2. Rotterdam         
  3. Antwerp-Brussels
  4. Central Brabant
  5. East Brabant
  6. Düsseldorf
  7. Central Poland
  8. Antwerp-Hasselt
  9. Istanbul               
  10. Cologne

These locations were ranked by occupiers in each place based on a number of criteria including closeness to economic networks, low costs (both transport and real estate costs) and an availability of skilled labour.

In the future, availability of staff will be the most important consideration for choice of location. However, the importance of staff availability differs significantly per country and region. In general, it is most important in north western Europe and the U.K. and of less importance in the European periphery. However, across Europe it remains a challenge to find qualified and experienced staff.

Ben Bannatyne, president of Prologis Europe, said: “The research is of vital importance as it helps our understanding of customers’ current and future distribution requirements.

“Logistics facility users are constantly optimising their distribution strategies to ensure the highest service levels for the lowest costs. The European market is driven by long term trends, such as proximity to economic networks, sourcing staffing and consolidation. Logistics corridors and infill locations in the largest metropolitan areas are expected to benefit most from this.

“As well being in-line with our investment strategy, the results demonstrate that we are well placed to meet demand in Europe’s most desirable logistics markets”.

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