Jun 01, 2020

Top 10 most congested cities in Europe

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Top 10 most congested cities in Europe

London is the worst city in Europe for traffic congestion according to a new report.

Commuters in the UK capital waste more time in gridlock than in any other of the 96 European cities studied, spending 101 hours a year in standstill, 28 hours more than the second-worst city, Stuttgart.

Research by connected car services provider INRIX shows that although Stuttgart saw the highest rise in traffic congestion in 2015 (8.5 hours more than 2014), it is some way off the London. As a country, Germany has four cities in the top 10, more than any other.

Commenting on the study, Bryan Mistele, President and CEO of INRIX said: “London is the victim of its own success, with a robust jobs market and a growing economy attracting more people, more construction and consequently more traffic.

“Transport for London is tackling this problem with its £4 billion Road Modernisation Plan. Whilst in the short term the roadworks from this initiative are frustrating for drivers, they are a step towards creating a more sustainable and modernised transport network.”

The 10 cities which grind to a halt most in Europe are:

  1. London (101 hours wasted each year per average driver in 2015. 5.2 on 2014)
  2. Stuttgart (73 hours. 8.5)
  3. Antwerp (71 hours. 6.6)
  4. Cologne (71 hours. 5.2)
  5. Brussels (70 hours. -4.2)
  6. Moscow (57 hours. /- not available)
  7. Karlsruhe (54 hours. -8.9)
  8. Munich (54 hours. 4.5)
  9. Utrecht (53 hours. 0.1)
  10. Milan (52 hours. 5.2)

The below infographic shows the worst areas in the UK for gridlock:

More information can be found on the INRIX website

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