Jun 01, 2020

Top 10 places to work in the UK

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Jess Shanahan
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Top 10 places to work in the UK

Glassdoor has released its annual insight into the best companies to work for in the UK. It’s not hard to predict the well-known names that are included in this list. The 25 companies range from high street stores to tech giants. Here’s a closer look at the top 10.

1. Expedia

Unlike some companies, the communication at Expedia is fantastic and employees rate it for promoting a healthy work-life balance too. The fun and vibrant offices come with a number of perks too including travel, healthcare and a free breakfast once a month.

2. Hays PLC

Hays is a recruitment company with great job prospects and training. This gives employees the satisfaction that they are getting somewhere with their careers. There are also amazing global promotion opportunities that give employees the chance to transfer their careers to any country.


The flat structure of the employees puts everyone on level pegging at business services company AKQA. Employees are encouraged to help others succeed and there are nice touches such as a free fruit and snacks.

4. GE

The challenging roles at GE are a definite perk and there are chances for training and development. Employees are given a lot of responsibility, which helps them to develop without constantly working in the shadow of someone else.

5. Schuh Limited

The footwear brand offers a fun and relaxed atmosphere to employees and the salaries are very good for a retail chain. The work is also very flexible, making it appropriate for students and those with families.

6. Oxfam

While the pay at the lower end of the scale might not be great, the charity does a great job in making its employees feel as if they have a stake in the success of the organisation.

7. ARM Holdings

With technically challenging and fascinating work, along with a great work-life balance, ARM Holdings is a great place to work. Innovation is rewarded and there’s a big push emphasis on socialising and communication.

8. Google

Not only is the work itself interesting by working at Google comes with a number of perks including a free Japanese restaurant. The company also brings in guest speakers and hosts events to help its employees develop as well as have some fun.

9. Unilever

Team development and cross-functional working are priorities for Unilever. The company seems to be constantly restructuring and while this opens up a number of opportunities for promotion, it can affect communication.

10. London Underground

Great job security and wages make the Underground on of the best places to work. There are great job prospects, pension and free season passes too.

Take a look at the full list of the 25 best companies to work for according to their employees. 

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