May 19, 2020

Top 10 UK brands on Instagram

Burberry on Instagram
Primark on Instagram
BBC News on Instagram
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Top 10 UK brands on Instagram

Fashion and automotive brands are the most powerful users of Instagram in the UK.

Burberry, Primark and Alexander McQueen have been named the most influential British brands on the image sharing platform in 2016 by Instagram analytics and management platform Iconosquare.

Burberry, the UK fashion brand, has a considerable presence on the social media site with 7.9 million followers, whilst Primark (3.6 million), Alexander McQueen (3.5 million) and Stella McCartney (3.3 million) make up the top four.

Luxury car brands have also made in-roads on Instagram with Jaguar (3.2 million), Aston Martin (2.5 million), Bentley (2.4 million), Rolls Royce (2.2 million) and Land Rover (1.8 million) all making it in the top 10.

Meanwhile, BBC News (2.8 million) made it on the list as the only media outlet with a large Instagram following. Is this yet another sign that consumers are digesting news in ever more digital, picture driven ways? Trraditional newspaper circulations continue to decline while online methods gather even more pace.  

With more than 500 million followers worldwide (more than Twitter), 31 percent of which follow lifestyle, Instagram has become a key marketing platform for the world’s biggest lifestyle brands.

Top 10 influential UK brands on Instagram

  1. Burberry (7.9 million followers)
  2. Primark (3.6 million)
  3. Alexander McQueen (3.5 million)
  4. Stell McCartney (3.3 milion) 
  5. Jaguar (3.2 million)
  6. BBC News (2.8 million)
  7. Aston Martin (2.5 million)
  8. Bentley (2.4 million)
  9. Rolls Royce (2.2 million)
  10. Land Rover (1.8 million) 

With more and more household name brands occupying Instagram, it is quickly becoming realised as a key marketing tool, and certainly a cost effective one. 

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