Is your organisation future proof? There's a quiz for that:

By Polycarp Kazaresam

Are you a C-level executive anxious about the future of your business? Or are you an employee who wants to understand your place in the changing business world? The Future-Proof Workplace, a book by Morag Barrett and Dr. Linda Sharkey has you covered. We can't post the entire survival guide here, but we can provide one of the authors' bespoke quizzes. How can you tell if your organisation is future-proof? Answer these questions:

1. How would you describe the leadership in your organisation?

a. Innovative leaders of change. I have confidence in their ability
b. We have inconsistent leadership with both bright spots (role models) and hot spots (brilliant jerks)
c. Struggling to keep up. I don't have much confidence in them.

2. When it comes to our organisation's culture...

a. We walk the talk. There is clear line of site between what we are trying to achieve and how we do it.
b. Guarded. There are elephants in the room, topics we don't discuss and try to work around.
c. We tolerate toxic behaviors and attitudes that undermine success.

3. Regarding the purpose of our organisation...

a. Our purpose is to deliver value to our customers and respect the impact our organisation has on the community.
b. I think we have posters that state our vision and mission in our lobby.
c. Profit, profit, profit - it's all about the numbers.

4. When it comes to relationships, in our organisation...

a. Business is personal. We strive to be allies. We actively seek out opportunities to collaborate and to deliver mutual success.
b. My team is solid, if those folks over there need help, they'll ask. We are happy to help.
c. It's not personal. It's business. Politics, silos, and turf wars.

5. As it relates to inclusion, at our company...

a. We value and seek out differences and ensure that everyone feels like they belong on the team.
b. We have an Affirmative Action plan.
c. Only the strong survive.

6. Regarding the use of technology...

a. We love cool new tech. We are early adopters and seek out opportunities for business efficiency through technology.
b. We introduce new technology only to see it languish unused because we didn't consider the human interface.
c. The government gets new tech faster - our's is a closed environment controlled by IT.

7. When it comes to learning, our company...

a. Is focused on learning agility. It's what keeps us at the forefront of our industry. We have numerous tools and resources available to all.
b. We invest "high potentials," and occasionally send someone to a conference.
c. Our training budget is always the first item to be cut.

8. Describe your office environment...

a. Our office space is light and airy, with collaborative spaces. It's somewhere where we want to be and can thrive
b. It's a meerkat-laden cubicle farm
c. It's very beige.

9. How would you describe your company's flexible work practices?

a. The organisation encourages us to work when, where, and how we need to achieve our results.
b. We're allowed to work from home, occasionally, and must be at our desks
c. What's flexible working?

10. Regarding attitude to employees, at our company...

a. Employees are treated as responsible adults.
b. We can wear jeans on Fridays and sometimes have beer at company functions.
c. There's a rule for everything. We can't wear jeans.

11. Describe your company's overall outlook toward the future-proof workplace.

a. We are the disrupter in our industry and are always looking to the future possibilities.
b. We are focused on the here and now and on maintaining the status quo.
c. We are at risk of being disrupted and miss the 'good old days'

How future-proof is your organization?

Mostly A's - Congratulations! You are on your way to being a 21st century organisation.
Read The Future-Proof Workplace for additional insights to accelerate your impact.

Mostly B's - you have work to do and seem to be stuck in the 20th Century. The
Future-Proof Workplace can help with insights and actions that will help you navigate the new
work order.

Mostly C's - it's not too late to embrace the changes happening in the world of work. The
Future-Proof Workplace can give insights and actions that will prevent you from becoming


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