May 19, 2020

Startup spotlight: electromagnetic radiation mitigation company, Savu Technologies

Savu Technologies
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Startup spotlight: electromagnetic radiation mitigation company, Savu Technologies

As we continue our series of flash interviews on startups to watch in 2020, we speak with Paul Ross, Director at Savu Technologies.

Could you tell me a little bit about Savu Technologies?

Savu Technologies is an internationally recognised and award-nominated UK tech start-up with a future supply relationship with global technology enabler, Arrow Electronics. Over the past few years, we have utilised the long-established international business, telecoms, technological, engineering, industrial and legal experience of our team to develop a commercial product called SafeWave Technology, which is proven to mitigate the biological effects of exposure to electromagnetic radiation emitted from mobile phones and other devices.

Our goal is to make SafeWave Technology available to every mobile phone user worldwide, either directly or through collaborative solutions, creating a safer and healthier electromagnetic environment for the next generation.

What makes Savu Technologies different? 

Developed based upon scientific research and published patents from the Catholic University of America (CUA) and other university research programmes from around the world, our patented SafeWave Technology is the only technology in the world which actively produces a neutralising signal proven to mitigate the impact of exposure to electromagnetic radiation and any associated biological cell change.

The SafeWave Operating System 2.2 runs efficiently and silently, pulling negligible power from mobile phone batteries. It works by identifying the characteristics of signals being emitted by a phone before determining whether a protective low frequency random magnetic signal is required, and emitting this neutralising signal as necessary to mitigate biological effects on human cells.

The technology can easily and cost effectively be applied to the majority of mobile phone handsets through SafeWave Wireless Charging Tags and SafeWave iPhone Cases, both of which will go on sale to consumers in January 2020.


What was your last major milestone?

In October we were selected as finalists in 4 Years From Now Awards (4YFN) at Mobile World Congress LA 2019. Run by the GSMA, which represents the interests of mobile operators worldwide by working with operators, suppliers and standards bodies to develop fixes which protect trust in the mobile communications industry, the awards are some of the most prestigious in the industry, so this represented a major milestone for us.

Along with an independent panel of experts, the GSMA scored us highly against all criteria, deeming that through our highly talented, technically competent team, Savu has developed a viable product range which is bringing much-needed innovation to the market.


Is there any exciting news you’d like to share with our Business Chief Europe readers?

We’re on the cusp of launching our SafeWave Wireless Charging Tags and SafeWave iPhone Cases. The products will be launched to consumers via INDIEGOGO in January and will be manufactured and delivered to market through global electronics giant, Arrow Electronics.

The future supply relationship between Savu and US-based Arrow Electronics is also a major boost for us and will allow us to capitalise on Arrow’s global network, which serves more than 349 locations in over 80 countries around the globe.



What can we expect from Savu Technologies in 2020?

A lot more. We have spent years researching and developing our unique technology and with our product launch imminent, we’re expecting 2020 to be our most exciting yet.

While we’re initially launching our product suite direct to consumers, we are also in advanced talks with various network operators from around the globe, with the goal of offering our solutions to certain territory networks on an exclusive licensing basis. In the longer-term, we intend to ensure that SafeWave Technology is embedded to all mobile phones at the point of manufacture, bringing peace of mind to billions across the globe.

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Jun 16, 2021

Grupo Espinosa: 70 years of constant evolution

Macmillan Education
Grupo Espinosa
3 min
A proudly Mexican company servicing the publishing industry with best-in-class printing, storage and distribution facilities in the heart of Latin America

Founded in 1952, Grupo Espinosa has been relentlessly supporting the publishing industry with producing more than 100 million copies every year – whether its books, magazines, catalogues or single-order custom prints. No project is big or small for Grupo Espinosa, as the facility can scale up on demand and their turnaround times are highly competitive. Grupo Espinosa works with on-demand digital press or offset press, in paperback with glued softcover binding, PUR softcover binding, stitched paperback binding, binder’s board, hardcover, saddle stitched, Spiral or Wire-O. Equipped with the experience needed for a product to leave the plant ready for distribution, Grupo Espinosa delivers anywhere inside or outside Mexico. Traditionally starting off as a black and white printing press, Grupo Espinosa has experienced transformation first hand – from colour to digital offset printing. Currently, Grupo Espinosa is also looking at making capital investments into audio books to match with the increasing demand. 

So how did a seemingly local operation in Latin America become a world-renowned printing facility trusted by hundreds of clients? As Rogelio Tirado, CFO of Grupo Espinosa for the last six years says “It all comes down to our market experience and our dedication to quality”. With nearly 70 years behind them, and located in Mexico City, Grupo Espinosa has two major locations – one spanning 75,000 square metres and the other about 45,000 square metres. Both locations are controlled by a single ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system ensuring speed, consistency and quality of work. Tirado says this isn’t their only competitive advantage. He adds “Our competitive advantage is the relationship we have with customers and the trust they put in us with their intellectual property”. Speaking of trust, global publishing giant Macmillan Education exclusively partners with Grupo Espinosa for their Latin America operations, as part of Macmillan’s decentralized hub strategy. Having a facility that offered the full spectrum of service – from storing digital content to printing and distributing – was one of the major requirements for Macmillan, and Grupo Espinosa was recognized as the leading printing hub for providing this 360 infrastructure. Another factor that has led to success for Grupo Espinosa is the absolute focus on quality and time. The staff are committed to providing the best quality in the best possible time, without causing wastage of resources. Sustainability is a huge factor playing into Grupo Espinosa’s operations, and they’ve created a healthy environment with the sustainable use of paper and energy resources as well as keeping their employees – most of them associated with the organisation for over 10 years – happy. He adds, “In order to be truly successful, you need to be good to the environment, employees, suppliers, and your customers. But most importantly, you need to be sustainable, you need to have proper working conditions, pay proper salaries, proper prices for paper, source the paper from sustainable sources, pay your taxes,  basically be a good global corporate citizen and that's probably one of the biggest achievements that we have.”

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