Vegam: Making Factories Smarter Beyond Industry 4.0

By Jack Grimshaw
Vegam, a key partner of Henkel, works to help manufacturers around the globe improve the digital transformations of the wider manufacturing industry...

The future of the manufacturing industry lies in the achievement of enhancing sustainability and safety across plants, through innovative, digitally enabled methods. Vegam is helping achieve this with its field-proven Smart Factory Solution (SFS). With this solution, Vegam is d elivering resilient, zero-defect manufacturing that exceeds the technological advancements of Industry 4.0, driving greatly improved sustainability and safety in manufacturing plants across continents.

The SFS services have been recognised by Toyota as a technology capable of launching the manufacturing industry to the next level of operations. Bringing greater transparency to operations, reduced losses, an ensured consistency in quality, enhanced yields and automatic and real-time OEE, driven by paperless operations, it’s clear to see that the Vegam suite of solutions is creating a real difference.

With prescriptive, predictive model-driven manufacturing operations, based on data analytics, Vegam customers can embrace and integrate the company’s solutions to achieve zero-defect production, which is equivalent to achieving a golden batch on every single batch produced.

Vegam customers have reported a 78% increase in quality and enhanced productivity, along with a 100% guarantee in accident-free operations. Customers have also noted an 8% increase in energy savings, a 32% reduction in complaints from consumers, and a 24% reduction in cycle times. All of this, combined with an 84% reduction in RM wastage, is testament to the services Vegam provides.

By harnessing and implementing digital mapping and simulation technologies, applicable in real-world processes, Vegam Solutions helps manufacturers to reduce costs to a minimum, whilst also enhancing safety and enabling the welcoming of new business models, built and based on actionable data insights.

Using Indsutrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technologies, Vegam can also integrate IT and data solutions, whilst also integrating physical elements to ensure that manufacturing plants are always prepared for industry 4.0, enabling the easy, efficient communication between systems.

As a pioneer of Industry 4.0 technologies, Vegam Solutions delivers prescriptive analytics, capable of providing insights into real-time and historic data. This gives manufacturers the ability to identify patterns and receive actionable insights to make informed business decisions on the basis of. 

With the smart manufacturing execution systems provided by Vegam, customers can use the solutions to empower both man, and machines, to make real-time, data-based decisions for businesses.


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