May 19, 2020

David - the film

Bizclik Editor
As a young man, David Murden turned his back on the family business and the expectation of a wealthy lifestyle. With few belongings and less money he pursued a vocation to provide support and education for the people of Africa. Decades later, David’s unorthodox and sometimes controversial methods have been met with some success but also hardship, tragedy and an insurmountable loss. He is now 71 years old and suffering from an acute kidney problem and failing eyesight; surrounded by hundreds of exotic artifacts in an aging caravan. His dreams may have fallen short though he still pursues them passionately and with a natural talent for bringing people of every race, tradition and denomination together for a common purpose, he encourages people to believe in themselves and those around them. David shares a vision with the men, women and children of Africa, not for what it is today but for what it used to be and for what it can be tomorrow.

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