Global Managing Director, Cybersecurity and Information Resilience

Mark Brown is the Managing Director for Cybersecurity and Information Resilience Consulting Services at BSI. Mark joined BSI in February 2021 and is responsible for driving the growth of the Consulting Services business stream – Cybersecurity and Information Resilience – at a global level, harnessing a key focus on the Digital Transformation, emerging technologies, Internet of Things (IoT) strategy and how BSI can help clients bridge their cybersecurity and data governance challenges, ensuring alignment to business objectives and organizational resilience.

Mark has almost 30 years of expertise in cybersecurity, data privacy and business resilience consultancy. He has previously held leadership roles at Wipro Ltd., and Ernst & Young (EY), amongst others. Having worked with the Armed Forces up until 2005, Mark brings a level of discipline, commitment, and fortitude to his role, and this reflects in his leadership style. Mark is a strong mentor and believes in trusted empowerment, adding “Leadership is an evolution, managers are appointed.” He is a strong advocate of the power of coaching and trusts his team to make informed decisions independently. 

When asked about some of the major influences he’s had, Mark says “Family is always a big influence in how you respond in business and you always look up to the success of your direct family. My father worked for the same company his entire life, so I have a blend of influences from my own professional and personal life that leads me to trust the empowerment and openness of management. He brings a wealth of knowledge including extensive proficiency on the Internet of Things (IoT) and the expanding cybersecurity marketplace having worked for Fortune 10 and Fortune 500 firms as Global CISO and Global CIO/CTO respectively. He has worked and provided services to clients across numerous sectors and industry verticals from Consumer Products, Retail/eCommerce, Legal, Oil and Gas, Mining, Technology, Media, Manufacturing, IT and Real Estate.” To date, Mark believes in having the metaphorical ‘open door’ policy for his staff as he finds that being approachable is crucial to productivity, inspiration and retention within the team.

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