100 start ups to watch out for at Dublin Tech Summit

By Linkilaw

What compels someone to found a startup? Many things.

For one founder, the compulsion may come from an insatiable desire to change the world by disrupting a sector that he knows desperately needs a change; for others it’s all about disrupting the monotony of life! Forgetting the dire statistics and scare stories that anyone in business hears, some brave souls took the leap of faith and are on their way to create things that could positively impact the lives of all of us.

These people and their ideas need to be showcased, celebrated, and supported, and the Dublin Tech Summit is doing just that.

For the second year in a row, Dublin has been the home of a fantastic event for startups, their products, and their customers.

The 100 innovative and disruptive startups have been chosen to exhibit at Dublin Tech Summit on 15-16 February 2017 have the power to create something unique and potentially life-changing. This blog is just for them!

Tuk Tuk Cartel 

Tuk Tuk Cartel is an unconventional NGO that connects volunteers to innovative projects in underdeveloped regions. Corporate employees, freelancers, independent professionals, or anyone with an entrepreneurial skillset who is looking to disrupt the status quo can participate in local construction activities, educational workshops, and all kinds of adventurous activities.


SettleMint helps organisations take advantage of the benefits of blockchain and its adjacent technologies. Whether their customers are looking to become more efficient, develop existing products and services for new clients, or completely reinvent an existing business model, the use of blockchain has an untapped potential and SettleMint is onto something that could be very big in the next few years.


There’s always a new cafe or restaurant popping up, and we want to see them all. To encourage savvy shoppers to try something new or stick with a favourite, consumers are given loyalty offers. With Bamboo however, the days of hoarding plastic loyalty cards are long gone. By allowing the loyalty points collect in stores, it allows users  to receive local offers or create orders to stores nearby.


This startup is a multi-channel engagement platform that allows businesses to communicate and engage with customers over any messaging service on any device. A business’s brand is its reputation - and with Meebler, businesses and customers can create a brand that is caring, innovative, trustworthy, and reliable. By giving consumers control of how and where they receive messages, engagement and opt-ins increase, businesses work in their best interests by taking control over who they connect with, how they connect with these people, how the information is shared and how and where messages are received.


This iPhone and Android app makes it easy to make purchases with its simple and intuitive interface. Users can link a phone with a card and pay anyone using just one app. It takes less than two minutes to set up. Even the type of account that’s created is based on the user’s needs such as their minimum or maximum spend.

Hub Controls

At Hub Controls, you are in complete control of your energy bills. With their smart software and hardware, they have developed an efficient and practical smart thermostat to meet your needs.

Data Innovation System

Data Innovation Systems is a data agency which specialises in custom software solutions. They’ve developed advanced enterprise applications to gather, analyse, and react to data. Their data-driven solutions enable streamlined operations, huge financial savings, and increased revenue growth.


Wikifolio is a leading European marketplace for transparent investment and trading strategies by private individuals, professional asset managers, and media companies. Traders can turn their trading strategies (“wikifolios”) into successful financial products that are listed on the leading European stock exchange. Traders can trade within a wikifolio without transaction costs and receive profits from all investments.

Secure Code Warrior

Secure Code Warrior enables developers to master secure coding techniques in different development languages and frameworks with hands-on, interactive learning scenarios. By giving hands-on challenges where software design and code needs to be analysed for security weaknesses, the developer is giving the opportunity to learn exactly how to deal with security weaknesses.

VT Networks

VT is the exclusive operator of the SIGFOX network in Ireland. This nationwide Internet of Things (IoT) network provides the lowest-power, lowest-cost connectivity for the most common use of connected objects — simple sensors and devices. They are part of the global SIGFOX network which allows businesses to connect objects under one network and one contract. Their technology and commitment to innovation redefines traditional connectivity business models, enabling you to connect your solution on a global scale.


VanHack supports tech professionals finding work abroad and employers looking to hire top talent. As an international network of developers, designers and digital marketers, VanHack operates in Berlin, Amsterdam, Waterloo, Dublin, Toronto, Santiago, Vancouver, San Francisco, and Dubai. For professionals, it works in three steps: first, they work closely with people to make sure their resume, cover letter, professional portfolio, and LinkedIn profile are of top quality to increase the chances of getting hired. The team then gives a virtual course showing exactly what’s needed to start working abroad. After that, VanHack helps users connect with the right employers and teaches them how to effectively communicate in interviews and other professional circumstances to improve their chances of employment.


Ever wanted to use solar power in your home but didn’t know where to begin? EnergySage is the marketplace to help you! Users register the complete a property profile.Then EnergySage screens the panel installers suitable to an individual's needs and compiles quotes. The installers compete with each other price-wise. Consumers are then free to compare the quotes and pick one. Although the service is only available in the US at the moment, with the ever \-increasing awareness of renewable energies and reduction of pricing worldwide, this has the potential to succeed in other markets worldwide.


ClearBookings has developed several tools that allow to easily create, manage, and promote events. It also allows mobile customers to enjoy a super slick and easy-to-use online booking experience with a dashboard that offers a real-time overview of who has registered for what and quick links to booking history and options for event organisers to manage who in their team gets to view what events.


How many different types of cards does everyone have? You might have your own personal credit card, a debit card, a company card, or more - and a different PIN for each of them! Those times are over thanks to Curve which allows its users to put all of their cards into one, with a couple of taps! From the Curve app, the user can decide which card to use and change between them while instantly locking and unlocking the Curve card. Expenses are labelled and receipts are accessed on the dashboard. Easy.


This is a content management system specifically targeted for authoring and publishing responsive web publications. The MYWO Mags team has ushered in a new era of rich, searchable, and interactive web publications with a system that allows users to create content on a desktop, tablet, or phone. Rich with exciting features using location services and integration of third-party web components, MYWO Mags makes blogging and sharing created content so much easier.


Ardanis builds software to help companies grow and push forward by helping people build or improve their products with their Agile Development Process. Involved at every step of the product development, Ardanis also works to  resolves as well as helping with the general maintenance and product development. Ardanis also ensures that customers can send in their feedback while the development is happening, allowing quick and seamless changes. This service basically fill any technical gaps in the team for a particular project or technology.


This LA-based company allows users to send email campaigns [and SMS!] with ease through its platform. Users can create, schedule, and analyse campaigns, send these emails to an unlimited amount of subscribers which can be labelled based on a number of variables. What makes it different from the big players that already exist? It’s a great option for anyone looking to send great campaigns to an unlimited amount of subscribers for free and it is intuitive.


DanAds is a white-label advertising platform. It allows customers to create and manage one-to-one guaranteed buying relationships with advertisers, sales teams, and walk-in advertisers. Features included reduced costs, design, and production for all types of ads (print and digital), campaign reports, and statistics in real time.


Located in Berlin, this startup is a VR and 3D production studio. With a resume of more than 15 years in filmmaking/post-production, 10 in 3D/VFX and two years in VR, the team of AnotherWorld is dedicated to creating realistic and exciting VR/3D content! AnotherWorldVR offers clients various services including VR and 3D development and production, VR games design and cinema production, precise VR/3D measuring systems for engineering and industrial purposes, modeling, (human anatomy, objects, building, etc) and post-production (editing, motion graphics, VFX and voice-over recordings).

Design Wizard

By allowing users to access more than 13,000 free templates and more than 230,000 free images (as well as constantly adding new images and templates), the team of Design Wizard have built a platform that allows the users to build their own design materials which can be used for whatever they like! Their mission is to give the power to everyone to express their creativity without the need for any technical expertise! So how does it work? You first select a template you like, then you add an image (theirs or your own) and add a message. After all of that, it is ready to be shared with the world!   


Have you ever wanted to play golf in a new country but are never sure how to judge if the courses are good or not? Pictures online sometimes might not tell the true story and  GolfBirdie have the solution! “GolfBirdie is the first tee to green flyover guide of the world’s top golf courses”. Each course has a 4k resolution video that gives you the ability to see a course unlike anything you have experienced before. A person needs to simply download the app and search for courses they will have a bird's eye view of it, with professional commentary and local knowledge!


LiveMon’s software enables people to keep an eye on their server usage, applications performance metrics, logs, and end-users’ level of services. It uses AI to automatically detect future threats, alert the right person at the right time via the right media. It organises group servers and metrics by logical set and has a great visual dashboard for clearly viewing metrics, trends and correlations.


Tired of dealing with inefficient recruitment agencies? ImpressMe believe that the best hires come from recommendations and they let people turn themselves into a recruitment agency (“talent finders”) by using their professional network to recommend people for jobs and get paid if it is successful! Companies list their jobs on ImpressMe and the jobs are distributed to talent finders. The talent finders submit potential candidates from their networks. The submissions include a comprehensive resumé, 60-second video, and a psychometric evaluation. From there, companies can review the candidates from their employer dashboards!


In the UK, ‘Bae’ is a term of endearment. Elsewhere, it means something completely different! Nimi helps you to choose the best name for your company, brand, or product by analysing how people react to your name choice across more than 20 countries - avoiding linguistic problems, embarrassing connotations or similar names.


LifeStats is a web app that aims to help people through the use of big data and statistics. The app uses datasets such as historical trends, census data, water quality, and more to help make better decisions about travel. Thanks to NFC tags, QR codes or web beacons LifeStats can be pushed to a user in an unintrusive way. 


This startup is a marketplace for organic food. With its green ethos, it’s doing its part to save the planet by helping local farmers to grow organic foods and make them accessible for everybody. Based in Serbia, this marketplace connects local organic farmers with suitable buyers at the moment, but definitely has the potential expand internationally.


You want to order your favourite coffee but are short on time? This is the app for you. KaffeeGo makes ordering your favourite coffee quick and easy. Just go into the app and select the coffee you want and the store that you want to order from. Once your order is confirmed, all you have to do is go to the shop of your choice at a time that suits you and show them the order number.


By connecting companies that are looking for assistance with designers with 3D expertise in numerous fields at a good price, Fydiz helps people with 3D modelling even if they lack the technical skills to get their idea off the ground. It’s a marketplace that works differently than normal marketplaces, as the 3D designers send proposals for the project as opposed to only a quote for how much the work will cost!

Watermelon Messenger

Created by two of 2016’s most promising young entrepreneurs (Alexander Wijninga and Charl Haas) based in The Netherlands, Watermelon Messenger is a platform that is devoted to giving great customer service. An automated representative replies to numerous questions simultaneously through Facebook Messenger, email, chat, or Telegram Messenger, with many more social networks joining soon. Several major Dutch companies have already adopted this app.


BuyMedia is a B2B e-commerce platform that trades in advertising. It connects buyers of radio, television, and newspaper advertising to suitable sellers and provides real-time data analytics on the advertising industry. BuyMedia has big plans to become the Wikipedia of media worldwide.


Cartful lets companies launch their own app-based retail shop. Their features include single-tap checkout, ultra-fast search (mobile shoppers prefer to use site searching over category browsing), redeemable loyalty points, automated marketing tools to target customers with relevant content and smart push messaging (helps segment data so that businesses can personalise the offering and increase the engagement rate).


Leadboxer is a sales lead-generation app. It provides information in real time about the people who visit a website and then creates suggestions on the types of products the audience would be interested in. This could prove to be an essential tool for a B2B sales team and would definitely help a business adapt its strategy and focus on exactly what the client wants.


Booking an appointment online can be a nightmare. Periodic is an appointment-booking system for any service which makes the process much smoother for consumers. Any business can create a booking process which is easy to embed on a website and can be optimised for mobile without hassle. Once it’s created, there is complete control over the way reservation requests are managed.It also automates notifications and reminders delivered to a customer via email and SMS.


Gathering information about the location, number, and state of crops can be very difficult if done by foot or tractor. Inspection of wind turbines and power lines for defects or problems can be very time-consuming and dangerous if done by humans. Birds.ai tracks assets via aerial imagery that is cloud-based and reports on assets automatically by positioning, measuring, and tracking them; cutting time down and making the process less dangerous.

Shift Aviation

Shift Aviation is an Aerospace consultancy and management company that provides solutions to fight industry challenges. Their main focus is to increase effectiveness and efficiencies in management and flight operations; and to lobby to entities that influence operations and costs.


Tired of having super long and terrible looking links? Rebrandly has the solution for you! They allow users to create and share short links that can have custom domain names. They simply transform the normal link into a more personalised one that can be easily shared!


aptOn makes recruitment so much easier. Whether a business requires permanent recruitment or project outsourcing, aptOn can work with them to find the right people. The aptOn team also has expertise in global market mapping, talent selection, and psychometric testing.


WOWit lets you discover events that might be of interest to consumers. By using the app, consumers will get personalised recommendations. Users can search for events  by genre, venue, and more. WoWit allows users to see what events friends are going to and can reserve tickets at will call on the app for easy access.


BetterExaminations allows students to review any state exam paper for different topics and academic levels. Users can personalise their profile with the subjects they want to focus on and can access notes written from another student’s perspective.


Tired of dealing with loads of business cards? BuzNezzCard converts business cards into a format that is accessible from any mobile phone devices. By taking a picture of business cards, or adding them manually, these details are free to be used whenever you want!


This is a community of professional doctors, surgeons and other medical experts who contribute about medical topics. Imagine a big medical library written by many medical experts. Decimals is an acronym that means Define, Epidemiology, Clinical Picture, Investigations, Management, Applicable Evidence, Love to Show Off and Summary.


You’ve probably heard the popular phrase ‘Mi casa es su casa’ which translates from Spanish to ‘my house is your house’ in English. CasaMe takes that sentiment and supports people in their pursuit of finding accommodation on short notice wanting it to be as hassle-free as possible.

Medi Mee

The ability to readily access medical information could be the difference between life and death, The team at Medi Mee have developed an app which allows users to upload and store emergency information (such as medications, allergies, illnesses, etc) that is instantly accessible to emergency services.


CollectAI is a debt collection service. It categorises the debt, selects a form of communication (e.g. voice calls, text messages, WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger) to reach the person owing money, takes note of the communication history, and calculates how successful forms of communication have been in retrieving debt. Plus, communication via email, texts, and chat messages makes it possible to integrate links to payment sites. This means that the process of collecting what’s owed is less troublesome - for the people who are owed money as well as those who are owing.


Stagelink is a new tool for musicians. It allows the user to connect his or her Facebook fan page to Stagelink. From there, Stagelink collects votes from fans worldwide. Musicians can track the results in real-time which may influence where the musicians perform in the future. If a musician decides to tour, Stagelink notifies fans, that in turn promote the show and sell tickets to pre-finance the tour. The musician can track sales and analyse customer data.


Overcast allows users to manage videos as easily as they manage word documents.Overcast has partnered with Amazon Web Services and Signiant to keep videos safe. The system is designed to integrate seamlessly into the workflow, letting the user brand the experience easily.


Cognition has a goal to help organisations make some serious improvements by calculating where changes should be made in their existing operation. They do this by optimising a company’s assets for maximum efficiency, releasing any value that might be trapped in existing data and then transforming the operations to deliver cost savings across a business.

Food Marble

Food Marble have developed a product called Aire. This product is a breath test device, that along with the app, can help you find the foods that are more compatible with people's personal digestive system. The first step is testing how the gut responds to common carbohydrates like fructose and lactose. Then, it constructs meals and snacks from foods that suite the unique digestive system. Lastly, one can track food intake, gas levels, stress, and sleep.


Cloudwith.me is part of the partner networks of Amazon Web Services (AWS), Amazon’s secure cloud-based platform. It is a user-friendly solution that is simple to operate and manage, making it easier to upgrade infrastructure to AWS. It ensures uptime and speed and requires no technical know-how.


Verivoo is a social app that allows users to review, share experiences about restaurants, and receive recommendations. The app’s technology ensures that: only real people leave reviews; user-specific recommendations are made; users are updated on any offers or rewards their favourite places are creating.

Silicon Armada

Silicon Armada is a global marketplace for IT jobs. The goal is to connect tech employers with tech employees from all over the world. Employers don’t have to pay a premium when hiring someone hence, still giving competitive advantages to the employees.

Woof Advisor

Have a hard time planning trips with your dog? Woof Advisor allows their users to simplify the process and make planning a trip with your dog a breeze. Pick a destination and browse the database of pet friendly accommodations, amenities, and services in that area. The trip planner displays options (dog-friendly beaches, walks, parks, vets, pet sitting, daycare, and pet boarding) along the route. 


CoinaPhoto is a marketplace of photos made by photographers. A photographer signs up with either Facebook or email and then uploads photos to the marketplace. Those photos are bought by people for use and the photographer receives a portion of that sale. Users can engage with other in contests.   


This AI turns any dataset in a graph of knoweledge. It is a platform that enables machines to understand the meaning of information.


Traveling has gotten a lot easier thanks to Timescenery. It is an online travel and time management platform. The platform uses Foursquare, RentalCars, Google Maps, Ostrovok, and many others as a base for an all-in-one solution. Users can share their trip so that everyone can repeat it otherwise, people can choose a ready-made one. 


Linkilaw is committed to streamlining legal services and making the legal industry accessible for bootstrapping startups. Startups need good contracts. Lawyers charge crazy rates, as a result Linkilaw provides smart and affordable legal work. It works with a Startup Legal Session – a one-to-one oral strategy session with a legal specialist online. Clients then receive a detailed plan on what is needed in the future stages of your development. Based on the results, startups are free to make educated, fully informed, and empowered decisions.


Bored of having your data look so old and grey? Arrays has come along to turn that data into a masterpiece. This is done with four easy steps: engaging, simple, open and all-in-one. The first step allows a website to publish its data as an engaging, interactive experience. Simple because it requires no expertise to use or understand. The third step allows users to share any dataset on social media and add their own annotations. All-in-one because it is simple to setup and maintain. Plus users have a variety of ways to customize and design the data.

Virtual Legal

A online law firm that provide legal solutions and manage legal transactions. Virtual Legal creates an online profile that gives the users access to all documentation. They offer a fixed fee services, standard packages, free guides, videos and checklists. Virtual Legal will soon have 24/7 progress updates to see the progress of the legal work. All of their work and communications is done online (except for phone when needed).


‘Git’ is a source code management system for software development. GitLab is an open source tool for developers to create, manage, and share codes. GitLab makes tracking issues and reviewing codes easier for developers.


If a space is empty, this platform ‘fills it’. Whether a space is needed for an event, a pop-up or anything else, Fillit is a online platform that connects people with the spaces they need across The Republic of Ireland.


A growth company is a company whose liquid assets are increasing - therefore putting the business in a position to reinvest in the business and pay back debts. Funderbeam exclusively works with these companies and gives anyone, novice or expert, an opportunity to support them.


Anyone can be a celebrity these days! As long as you have some ideas, an Internet connection, and a platform, there is nothing stopping you from becoming a star. Takumi have created an app that enables users with more than 1,000 genuine followers to connect to popular brands that they can work with and create content for.


What makes us who we are? Is it ‘nature’ or ‘nurture’? Karmagenes analyses the DNA and other biomarkers present in saliva in order to assess the behaviour of an individual. Not just to be used out of morbid curiosity, clients not only find out more about themselves, but are given advice to guide them on the right path.


Collab is a multimedia contact centre provider that operates using IP architecture. It processes the interactions consumers have with businesses through calls, text messages, and social media simultaneously in order to understand how a brand delivers customer service. It is also a part of the Portuguese IT company, Novabase.


Social media has so many great uses, but it can also make people unproductive. This US startup wants to use social media in the best way possible by utilising the resources that already exist across different social media platforms to improve the way professionals engage with their customers, improve the way we learn through social media and improve the lives of people using social media generally by only using one tap and one login credential!

Felix Homework Tutor

This startup has created an online math tutor that is powered by an artificial inteligence by the name of Felix! A student takes a snapshot of their work, and the image is then scanned and understood by Felix. Felix then chats to the student, explaining in simple terms how to get the correct answer.

2Click Solutions

With ‘the soul of a spin-off and the heart of a startup’, this Dublin-based software company develops software solutions for businesses using ‘Rhetos’ - a platform which allows for the fast and simple building of reliable enterprise applications.


Surf Accounts is an online platform for account management. Its product allows for creating, managing and posting invoices to your stakeholders. This is a transparent and easy-to-manage solution which promises not only smart invoicing in any currency, but also an electronic banking service, an inventory management system, an easy method to pay your bills as well as allowing you to use the services on any device, securely and at any time.


FIXO is the first-ever round computer built in a smart disc. The smart disc is specifically designed to make your life easier and more pleasant wherever you are. FIXO is a multifaceted clock which allows for weather forecasting and Google Calendar appointments. However, FIXO is a lot more than that. It offers a lot of different applications which permit the use of games, health and wellness, maps, radio and music, photos and videos and many others. FIXO is a unique way to see tech from a different angle.


VAAIT stands for Visual Art And Information Technology and is a startup that produces digital content for film-making, gaming, publishing and IT industries. VAAIT’s primary focus is on helping clients dive into the world of virtual and mixed reality. More information as well as video content on VAAIT Studio can be found on the following link: https://www.f6s.com/vaaitstudio/discuss


Technologia y Personas is a company dedicated to offer tech and consultancy high value-added services to both organisations in predominantly Spanish-speaking countries. Their expertise range from large scale project management to programming for a variety of industries, such as finance and insurance, health, retail and consumer as well as media. Technologia y Personas already have an established client portfolio with clients in Venezuela, Mexico and Brazil.


Votebash is a global survey marketplace where you can get rewarded with coupons when voting and giving your opinion about different companies offering products and services from the entertainment, food & drink, sports and travel industries. Votebash offer a free sign-up and more than that, a great experience for people who would like to earn online.


Plytix is a Danish startup offering a versatile product search engine, incorporating three major services within. The Plytix Product Analytics allows you to track your product’s performance in terms of giving you the metrics behind conversions, impressions and other customer interactions. The Product Information Manager gives you the opportunity to control your content from one place by making catalog creation and storage simple. Meanwhile, the Plytix Search helps you to find thousands of product images for free.


CountBOX gives you an intelligent solution to gather information about your customers, which in return helps companies decide on vital key changes in terms of how they seek out for new customers, interact with existing ones or even keep their customers in the long term. CountBOX sets the ground for companies serving customers in shopping malls, retail shops, bars & restaurants, concert halls and stadium venues and even libraries!


Phrames is a new app that allows the users to take a new type of photo or video. With Phrames, users can easily record a sequence of images and interact with their smartphone. Phrames works by taking many different frames and putting them all together. Then, by simply swiping to the right or left, the different frames will move.

SCG Digital

SCG Digital provide extended teams as a service (eTaaS) which is offered at startups to enterprise level companies to help them build specialised support, strategy and product development solutions while controlling operational costs. SCG also help online companies with CRM, customer acquisition, both digital and localisation strategies.


Sanctifly is an Irish startup whose primary goal is to give people the opportunity to stay fit while traveling, flying in particular. Sanctify offer an app which gives you access to luxury spas and specialist gyms in more than 50 locations in the US, UK and Ireland. Amongst their partners are large airports such as the New Y ork’s JFK, London Heathrow, Boston Logan and Los Angeles’ LAX.


OCRex is an Irish-based startup specialising in the document processing. The two main services that company offers are AutoRec and AutoEntry. AutoRex is a bank reconciliation software which converts a paper statement to a spreadsheet. It guarantees 100% accuracy and allows exporting files to Excel, CVS and other formats. AutoEntry, on the other hand, automates data entry by capturing, analysing and posting your accounting documentations (e.g. invoices, receipts and statements) into your accounting solution. The company offers free trial and demo services.


IDwaiter lets you design, manage, and track your own ID cards, membership cards, and badges in one place. The solution is ideal for people drawn from a variety of industries who deal with security, events, general admin and etc. The company also offers an online verification tool through its app which makes it is easy to verify your team members by allowing them to submit their contact details and photos via the membership platform.


Property Basecamp is a startup which aims at building an entire ecosystem, allowing Ireland-based companies who recruit employees from abroad to source rental accommodation for their employees. The focus of the company is on saving time, money and energy to both companies and individuals looking out for accommodation.


Cyber security is something that we all worry about. The team at Netsso have created a secure personal Internet manager which makes it easy to ensure that login credentials are strong and securely kept, files of interest  are encrypted before uploaded on cloud sharing sites and that overall security of your personal data is strengthened.


By accurately scanning and analysing invoices, receipts and statements, AutoEntry has automated the data entry necessary to ensure a business’s accounts are in order. It also seamlessly works with other accounting software such as Xero and Sage One.


As cities are becoming more and more populated, it will take smart planning to ensure that services are efficiently provided to as many people as possible. That's where Azimap come in. By collecting spatial data of the environment then and analysing it and presenting and visualising the findings in a novel way, they are working with create smart solutions to a very modern problem.

Raven App

Raven App is an app that allows users to book professional beauty freelancers to their home, hotel, or office. Raven aims to provide a premium service, notify consumers when appointments are confirmed or due and allow users to enjoy their life without taking time out of their busy schedule for beauty by allowing customers to book an appointment when and where they want. Raven will take 10% of the income that is earned through the app by each professionals.   


Who here hasn’t been bored in the airport and looked around to see some very interesting people that would be lovely to chat with? Airdates is the perfect app for you! Using a internet connect, passengers can talk with each other. Plus, it allows for passengers to talk to each other one the plane. How? Well, by turning on flight mode, wifi and bluetooth, passengers can connect to each other devices and enjoy a conversation!


Did you know that the link has not evolved since 1991? We didn’t but, the people at Croosing did! This is why they have developed an browser app that allows users to create a superlink. What does a superlink do? It does a bunch of things like: lead to multiple web pages through the single link, tack actions on the targeted webpages, add a personal touch to any page on the web, soundtrack the web, brand links and guide followers as if you are sitting next to them. It works in three simple steps. Step one is to click on the superlink button (the app). Step two is to name the superlink, add a cover photo, give it a description and other edits. Step three is enter the URL address of any you like and that is it. 


myTrackee allows users to track other users via GPS. Users are give a specific # ID which can be tracked by other people. Features include tracking of your own kids accounts, sharing real-time location while on holidays (for fun or safety), group of people can use the same number and private or public mode for sharing location. Thanks to the real-time GPS location, emergency services can use myTrackee to accurately find someone more easily.

i-Boson Innovations

i-Boson Innovations specialises in creating adaptable and innovative applications and technologies to replace existing systems. Their services include web development, enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions (they help businesses operate more effectively), online marketing, ecommerce development, software development and enterprise mobility (making apps for all platforms).


DwellDown is a brand new startup, getting ready to launch in 2017. Its aim is to create a platform that will allow tenants to rate the quality of accommodation. Their hope is that his data will reduce renters risk and thus, allow future renters to understand what it is like living there against the rent.  


Got a great idea, but wondering how to set yourself apart from others when pitching over the phone? Adding visual presentations could definitely help you. CrankWheel enables users to add a visual presentation to a phone call regardless of the browser or device that is used.


A lack of productivity is an issue that all business work hard to deal with. Timepot is a time tracking tool which works specifically to support small and medium-sized businesses. By using the information gathered to determine where there are potentials for delays and help management determine how best to deal with underperformance.


Flexiwage is an platform which makes the process of managing payrolls on a monthly or weekly basis easier, not only for the employers and human resource managers, but for the employees also. By reducing inefficiencies in the process of creating payslips and paying an employee’s income, businesses could potentially save users 75% on Payroll Administration Costs.


Since 2009, Nuacom have been providing reliable cloud-operated phone system and working towards the ultimate goal of creating a platform that simplifies business communication - making it more efficient, flexible and suitable for a company’s needs whilst saving businesses time and money.

Brainey App

Niamh Malone is the founder of BraineyApp and an inspiration. After suffering from a brain injury, it took a while to settle back into life. Although she was recovering, she realised that she unfortunately wouldn’t be able to go back to work and created this app to help others in her situation. Currently in its early stages, BraineyApp has the potential to make big changes to many people’s lives.


Aptly named, this set of mobile apps allows users to create sleek and wonderful videos with only imagination and a phone. The app is stocked with video templates created by professional filmmakers which are so intuitive and easy to use that fantastic and shareable content can be created in only 3 minutes without any prior knowledge of creating films!


If you type in English, them you’ll assume that the QWERTY keyboard layout was the only layout that keyboard use. BeeRaider believe that that most keyboards work against our human nature and have created a set of keyboards which seem to have a more intuitive design and could increase productivity at work!


This app is all about bring people together. When the app is opened, it uses location-services to create an immersive multi-person visual folder (trupe) in real-time at events. Anyone with the app (known affectionate as ‘trupers’), can create and share event-specific content which lasts for 24 on the trupe.

Final Words: 100 innovative startups at Dublin Tech Summit

There you have it. Linkilaw’s rundown of the 100 innovative startups attending Dublin Tech Summit in 2017.

It’s going to be a mega event this year and will likely surpass all expectations. Linkilaw will be one of the innovative startups at the event spreading the word about our mission to make legal advice accessible to everyone and not just the ‘fat cats’ with big pockets.

If you will be there, then be sure to come see us at Stand SO73!

And if you need any legal advice about your startup, then be sure to book your free Startup Legal Session by clicking the image below.

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SAP creates new EMEA region and announces new President

SAP has announced it has appointed a new President for a newly-created EMEA region, aiming to make the most of the opportunities of cloud and AI technology

How SAP is facilitating continuous business transformation

Technology giant SAP has expanded its portfolio with the acquisition of LeanIX, a leader in enterprise architecture management (EAM) software

Siemens and Microsoft: Driving cross-industry AI adoption

To help businesses achieve increased productivity, Siemens and Microsoft are deepening their partnership by showcasing the benefits of generative AI

Sustainability must become central to corporate strategy


The endless benefits of putting your people first

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Working from anywhere: SAP uncovers secret life of employees

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