May 19, 2020

These 4 facts show that Nigeria is becoming Africa's e-commerce hub

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These 4 facts show that Nigeria is becoming Africa's e-commerce hub

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Nigeria, which recently unseated South Africa as the continent’s largest economy, is rapidly on its way to becoming one of Africa’s most connected economies. As increasing numbers of Nigerians turn to the internet for everything from news to shopping and cash transfers, the nation’s online infrastructure is expanding at a faster rate than ever before. 

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Here are 5 facts that you may not have known about the country’s rapidly growing connectivity:

1. Nigeria has 83 million active phone lines with access to mobile Internet, compared with only 400,000 fixed telephone lines recorder in 2001

2. 85 percent of online shoppers in Nigeria use smartphones for product research compared to only 30 percent using use PCs and 6 percent using tablets

3. Nigeria represents 29 percent of Africa’s total Internet access, with a growth rate of 52 percent in 2014 as opposed to 11 percent in 2013

4. At $500 million in online sales per year, Nigeria is the leader of e-commerce throughout Africa

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