Startup spotlight: OrbitalAds is maximising marketing

By Amber Donovan-Stevens
As a part of Business Chief’s series on top startups to watch this year, we catch up with Bill Murphy and Gabriel Madruga, co-founders of OrbitalAds...

As a part of Business Chief’s series on top startups to watch this year, we catch up with Bill Murphy and Gabriel Madruga, co-founders of OrbitalAds, which has been popular in the media recently following its US$3.3mn funding from the European Commission. 


Could you tell me a little bit about OrbitalAds?

[Murphy:] OrbitalAds is the only AI solution in the world able to optimise, automatically and in real-time, semantic targeting (Keywords) for any SEM campaign developed for Google Search campaigns, this results in the maximisation of marketing investment results.  


Why OrbitalAds? What makes you stand out? 

[Madruga:] OrbitalAds has automated with the use of Artificial Intelligence a task that had been carried out manually for 19 years, within a market that moves $135.900mn dollars a year.


What was your last milestone?

[Madruga:] In the last few months, we have started our process of internationalisation, reaching markets such as the United Kingdom and the United States, and we have experienced exponential business and staff growth.

[Murphy:] Team growth is always very gratifying and having the level of talent we have is not easy, but talent attracts talent.

As for clients, closing very large accounts internationally and expanding through service agreements within large organizations we have been working with for some time is a big milestone.


Is there any exciting news you’d like to share with our Business Chief Europe readers?

[Murphy:] We have just announced that we have received $3.3mn funding from the European Commission's Horizon2020 program. For the first time in history, the EC joins as a partner in a group of European companies through this Framework Program which was born with the objective of supporting startups from the continent with were able to show their potential to become 'unicorns' and reach $1bn in revenue.




What can we expect from your company in 2020?

[Madruga:] Growth. We are becoming the de facto tool to manage keywords, and we will be offering solutions for other platforms apart from Google Ads. We will be solidifying our international expansion and attracting talent from around the world to help us solve very interesting challenges.


About Bill Murphy and Gabriel Madruga 

Bill Murphy, OrbitalAds cofounder. He has worked in technology departments of big companies like Accenture or Idealista. He has around 20 years of experience in the field and during his career he is always focusing on developing services based on technology to improve and make things easier for businesses.

Gabriel Madruga, OrbitalAds cofounder. He is a digital marketing expert. He has been working for more than 10 years looking for connection elements, automation and processes improvement in order to develop digital marketing innovative solutions that can help large companies to optimize their investments and carry out successful campaigns.

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