Head of CustomerXM Solutions Strategy EMEA

Listening, understanding and acting to improve the experience of a stakeholder is the focus of Yusdi Santoso, Head of CustomerXM Solutions Strategy EMEA at Qualtrics, who says he enjoys bringing human-centric approach back into business.

There's so much bureaucracy and machinery built into business today, it has taken away some of the human touch,” said Santoso. “What I like about Qualtrics is its mission of bringing that human back at the centre of doing business; listening, understanding, acting, and then creating the experience that delights the stakeholders of all our clients.”

Santoso started his career in the technology sector, working for startups and big organisations before he stumbled across the concept of Experience Management (XM) in 2010 when he was working for The Boston Consulting Group.

“I was amazed and impressed with the simple concept of listening and acting on the feedback of your customer, which was so alien to the corporate world back then, but the business impact was significant and I was hooked.”

Two years ago Santoso joined Qualtrics to help grow the XM category in EMEA. “XM allows you to listen to your stakeholders, whoever and wherever they are, and use their insights to design and improve on the  experiences you deliver.

“I manage our Customer Experience solutions for the EMEA market. I’m helping to build the XM category in the market, work with our clients and define our go-to-market strategy and approach, plus focus on our CX partnerships.”

Santoso says the book Multipliers, by Liz Weisman, resonates with him as it is about attracting talent and letting their voice be heard. “So often you recruit somebody and then you put them in a mould and then they become a generic version of yourself, which is not the way to do it. “Everybody should bring a voice to a company. 

He cites co-founder of Qualtrics Ryan Smith as a leader who inspires him. “I think he's been very successful in ensuring he lives the value, but also he brings in people who share the value with him. It’s a testament of his leadership that he was able to shepherd Qualtrics through various stages of growth while maintaining our core values, what we call the TACOS: Transparency, All-in, Customer-obsessed, One Team, Scrappy.

Prior to joining Qualtrics, Santoso held various consulting, advisory and strategy roles in the CX sector where he personally worked with leading brands on their CX transformation.

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