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KPMG UK: Helping clients unlock the value of cloud

Adrian Bradley, Partner and Head of Cloud Transformation at KPMG UK, outlines the power of connected technology in aerospace, defence and other industries

Tivian: Experience data that drives solutions

Tivian - described as “open and creative” by partner Tableau Software – helps harness employee and customer experience data to gain deeper business insight


Vodafone: Connecting community health - the glue of the NHS

Vodafone is working with Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust to ensure patients have connectivity to virtual healthcare

TCS: Fortifying QIAGEN with Zero Trust Framework

Cyber resilience should be the backbone of operations to navigate the invisible threat landscape, say experts at Tata Consultancy Services (TCS).

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Spectris: Sustainable approach to cybersecurity

Adam Forde CIO and Anna-Lisa Miller CISO of Spectris - providing insight through precision measurement - discuss their digital strategy and cybersecurity

QIAGEN: Prevention is better than cure

How QIAGEN’s cybersecurity expert is working to stay one step ahead of cyber attackers


Eurofiber: Laying the foundations for a digital society

Eurofiber’s open digital network is paving the way for an all-inclusive dynamic digital world - first envisioned by the Dutch company 20 years ago

SMAG: Taking the load in global supply chains

Bespoke load handling equipment from SMAG is the one-stop-supplier for the world’s top 10 ports and in construction

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Adam Forde


Anna-Lisa Miller

Global CISO

Dr. Daniel Schatz

Chief Information Security Officer

Daniel Danon

Group Director Products & Solutions

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