Box: Powerful Security, Faster Business

By Jack Grimshaw
Business Chief EMEA takes a closer look at Box, a key strategic partner of MED-EL, to learn how it’s making it easier to work better...

Box’s mission is a clear one - enable people to access, organise, and find their content with speed and ease. A centralised workspace, where individuals can edit, review, share files, and assign tasks is the foundation of effective, efficient collaboration, and is exactly what Box is offering.

With Box’s collaboration solutions, teams can seamlessly enable cohesion between themselves and other departments, customers, partners and vendors. The ability to simplify workflows means that crucial processes can be automated to be repeated and never missed or failed. 

Box can also guarantee frictionless security, with flexibility over the controls to ensure the most sensitive data sets are protected at all times. With more than 1,400 integrations, Box ensures that a company’s content is connected to all of its most important tools.

Not only has Box established itself as a crucial partner to MED-EL, but it also has worked with a number of global leaders, such as Coca-Cola, Flex, GE, and Virgin Trains. One of its most notable projects has been the implementation of the cloud content sharing and collaboration platform to 22,000 employees of The Coca-Cola Company.

By integrating its services with industry-leading apps that enable teamwork and collaboration, such as Zoom, Slack, and Office 365, Box can be relied on by teams to deliver a smooth workflow, capable of ensuring that content is secure and consistent across all apps and brands.

In an exclusive interview with Business Chief EMEA, MED-EL’s Chief Digital Officer Martin Hairer spoke of the importance of the company’s partnership with Box. “As you can imagine for us with our business partners and clinics, data and information, exchange and collaboration is a very important topic.” Hairer explained.

“Everything we can improve in that regard has a tremendous impact on cost savings and quality and outcomes for the users. Before our cloud transformation here at MED-EL, we tried to maintain everything with data exchange tools. It’s horrible to do this on your own.” He continued.

Overcoming this complexity is where Box made the difference for MED-EL. “You need an army of cybersecurity specialists who keep only one tool up and running safely, and that’s exactly where Box came in. It provides us a really nice way to collaborate across the company and the partners.”

Transforming the way that MED-EL handles its data and content has been a significant achievement of the crucial partnership between the two companies, a testament to the solutions provided by Box.


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