Hudlr knocks down hurdles to business information

By Bizclik Editor

Amorphous, a digital corporate communications company owned by The Times Media Group, has developed a business tool that provides users with detailed demographics and other key information about the residents in any location around South Africa.

The tool, called Hudlr, pulls data from the records of more than 20 million financially active South Africans and geo-maps it to provide a unique and intimate view of entire business networks and the markets that surround it.

The information is drawn from a database created and maintained by 3-Way Marketing, the company that uses geocoding to generate leads to many of South Africa’s business to consumer companies.

Grant Shippey, CEO of Amorphous, said: “Business is now more competitive than ever before making it essential to understand your markets on a micro level.  Hudlr allows for detailed insights from real aggregated demographic data to create actionable business strategies.”

There are a number of products and sources that, when used together can provide similar insights, but Hudlr alone provides this accessible and consolidated view – taking the legwork out of research.

“Setting the system up with all the client’s data requirements is far quicker than any traditional research method and the interface is live with data that is updated quarterly,” said Shippey.

The Hudlr data is extremely accurate, differentiating between different locations in the same general area.

Traditionally statistics for Sandton would aggregate demographics for all people living in the Sandton area, which stretches from Fourways to Alexandra where the demographics are in fact very different.

“Opening or stocking a shop, or carrying out a promotion relies on having accurate data on the people who will see and interact with it,” said Shippey. “Hudlr gives you the information you need to develop better business strategies.”

For instance, a retailer could assess the average income in the area immediately surrounding a store when planning what merchandise to stock or a restaurant chain could identify the number of students in an area and promote their new value deal via SMS or email.

Hudlr is available on a number of different platforms including an online geo-mapped environment, interactive applications for mobile and tablets, and offline reports.

“We’ve designed it to make things easy for users no matter their role within an organisation – in the information it provides, in the way that the information is presented and in allowing you to access it from the platform of your choice,” he said.

 “With this kind of information at your fingertips, the guesswork is taken out of business strategy,” says Shippey. “We’re confident that it will make a difference to the outcomes of any informed business actions that you take.”

Andrew Gill of Times Media Group said: “As a large media player we need to ensure we remain innovative and relevant by developing new products and services that service business in South Africa better, Hudlr is one of these products.”


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