May 19, 2020

Museum of London appoints Rubrik to protect and manage data

Bruno Reis
2 min
Museum of London appoints Rubrik to protect and manage data

The Museum of London has selected Rubrik, the cloud data management company, to protect and manage its data.

The California-based firm will be responsible for managing data in both virtual and physical environments.

The museum features more than six million artefacts across two sites, attracting more than a million visitors per year.

The Museum of London uses an Oracle database, which it relies upon to protect and scale collections. The establishment has struggled with costly, time-consuming, and complex backups solutions.

Rubrik’s Oracle Recovery Manager integrated solution will work as a time and cost-effective means for recovery of online data for the museum.


“Rubrik brought a fresh approach to data protection,” commented the Head of Information and Communications Technology at the Museum of London, Adam Monnery.

“Previously, our key objective was putting in place the right infrastructure to enable us to protect and scale our massive digital collection.”

“Now, we're focused on delivering value back to the business. This means adopting collaboration tools, mobilizing our workforce, and enabling our business to work cross-functionally. Rubrik is a critical piece of that puzzle.”

“We’re proud to help the Museum of London protect their digital collection and prepare for a cloud future,” remarked Martin Brown, Director of Western Europe at Rubrik.

“Because Rubrik delivers simple management and rapid time to value, the Museum of London is now able to preserve the past using the latest state-of-the-art cloud data management technology.”

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