Jun 25, 2021

10 of the Best Chocolate Brands owned by Nestlé

Sajana Samarasinghe
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One of the largest food companies in the world, the Swiss-based company Nestlé owns an impressive portfolio of chocolate & confectionery brands.

One of the largest food companies in the world, the Swiss-based company Nestlé owns an impressive portfolio of chocolate & confectionery brands. 


1. Kitkat



The first of its kind to be sourced from 100% sustainable cocoa, KitKat is a global confectionery brand spanning across over 80 countries offering a tasty combination of milk chocolate & crispy wafer fingers. 

Founded by: Rowntree Mckintosh Confectionery 


2. Smarties 



Know as the ‘delicious nibble everyone loves’, Smarties offers a colourful variety of tiny coated chocolates. With regular altercations to improve the product such as moving to no artificial colouring, the brand remains a go-to choice for a treat. 

Founded by: Edward Dee


#3 Toll House 

Nestle Toll House


For more than 50 years this brand has been offering superior tasting chocolate chips. A brand that is adored in America, Nestlé Toll House provides ‘warm and enjoyable moments for families’. 

Founded by: Ruth Wakefield 


#4 Milkybar 



First introduced to the market in 1936, Milkbar is loved by children and adults especially in Ireland and the UK. The brand offers many different sized treats such as their Giant Buttons Sharing Bag & Kid Bar.

Founded by: Daniel Peter and Henri Nestlé


5. Les Recettes De L’Atelier




One of Nestle’s relatively newer brands, Les Recettes De L’Atelier provides a unique square in every square of their bars with nuts & fruit combined. The brand’s product is made with 100% sustainable cocoa, and like Smarties have no artificial colours.

Founded by: Nestlé


6. Quality Street


Quality Street


First introduced in Norwich England, Quality Street has been spoiling their customers for selection for over 80 years. The brand offers many products all of which contain a number of unique tasting confectionaries inside, making them ideal for sharing. 

Founded by: John Mackintosh


7. Aero



Another brand that was first brought to market in the UK, Aero is special with its airy bubble-like texture. Today, this brand is enjoyed globally across many countries including Japan, Canada & South Africa. 

Founded by: Rowntree Mckintosh Confectionery


8. Garoto



One of Brazil’s most loved chocolate brands, Garoto provides a range of products including their Baton chocolates, Yellow box, & Talento chocolates. Like all the brands in this list, Garoto is globally recognised & is sold in over 50 different countries.

Founded by: Heinrich Meyerfeund 


9. Cailler



One of Nestles oldest brands dating back to 1819, Cailler is partly why Swiss chocolate has such an amazing reputation. This brand sources 100% West African cocoa and offers a range of products for individual consumption as well as products to gift to loved ones. 

Founded by: François- Louis Cailler


10. Orion 



Another one of Nestle’s oldest confectionery brands is Orion. Established in Prague in 1896, this brand rapidly garnered popularity making up one-third of the Czech Republic’s chocolate production. After Nestle’s acquisition in 1991, the brand began to further establish itself in the confectionery market.

Founded by: Františete Maršner


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