Capgemini brings 5G innovation to Mumbai and Paris with labs

By Kate Birch
With the aim of accelerating 5G adoption industry-wide, Capgemini Group opens two new 5G and Edge tech innovation labs, in Mumbai and Paris...

Continuing with the implementation of its ‘Intelligent Industry’ strategy, Capgemini Group has announced the opening of two new tech innovation labs, one located in Paris and the other in Mumbai.

With the aim of enabling industry experimentation and deployment of 5G and Edge technologies, these labs are designed to help organisations industry-wise to prepare for taking advantage of the 5G and Edge revolution, driving their data-driven transformation towards Intelligent Industry. 

These labs complement the 5G Lab for telecommunications companies, enterprises and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), a lab focused on the development of network capabilities and solutions that debuted in December 2020 in Portugal.

“5G brings a step-change in connectivity and automation to all industries nad opens new perspectives and possibilities for business,” says Pierre Fortier, Head of 5G, Capgemini Invent. “By embracing the 5G digital revolution, organisations will be able to take advantage of the cinreasing volume of data nad derive real-time actionable insights.”

Bringing 5G innovation to Paris and Mumbai

The multidisciplinary team of experts at these new labs will help organisations in the exploration of the latest use cases; experiencing new perspectives on how 5G is transforming their industry; and in helping them to build, monetise, and strategise what 5G brings next for their business. 

Services include strategy, ideation and planning, use case design and development, and ecosystem orchestration and integration.

According to Fortier, the 5G Labs in Paris and Mumbai are “designed to accompany organizations in their transformation journey towards Intelligent Industry, onboarding them in the 5G ecosystem to explore all innovation possibilities and helping them to build and monetize customized end-to end solutions for their business.”

A platform to accelerate 5G adoption cross-industry

Capgemini’s 5G Labs are instrumental in the company’s strategy in the intelligent industry space, and draw on an innovation ecosystem of partners to experience all the new possibilities offered to organizations and build their end-to-end solutions. 

They integrate the latest networking, cloud and edge computing technologies with cutting edge 5G connectivity, and an agile and modular application environment.

With an ecosystem of partners (both telecom and technology driven) and focus on end-to-end solutions for industries, Capgemini’s 5G experts have developed four dedicated areas of specialty, based on industry requirements and proven use cases:

  • Smart Factory For the manufacturing and automotive sector, it covers production activities carried out in factories and warehouses. Examples of use cases include AR assistance, autonomous devices in warehouse and assembly lines, computer vision based Quality Assurance and safety and surveillance.
  • Smart Utilities For the energy and chemicals sectors, it covers processes, logistics and operations. Examples of use cases include remote monitoring of sites, mission-critical process control, energy efficiency and sustainability.
  • Smart Cities For the public sector (including transport, health, education), it covers services provided to large samples of population. Examples of use cases include public transport infotainment, immersive learning, crowd management, telemedicine.
  • Smart Retail For the retail, consumer goods and luxury goods sector, it covers activities that enhance the personalisation of services to end consumers. Examples of use cases include immersive shopping experience, purchase automation via smart carts.



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