May 19, 2020

Braille burgers a tasty hit for Wimpy South Africa

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Braille burgers a tasty hit for Wimpy South Africa

Burger chain Wimpy has come up with an innovative way to promote its Braille menus, by creating messages with sesame seeds on their burger buns.

The company’s restaurants in South Africa carry have used Braille, the international language of the blind, on their menus since 2002 but wanted to spread the message and “let people know that Wimpy is a place where everyone can feel at home”.

Ad agency Metropolitan Republic South Africa had the idea to create 15 individual burgers and sesame seeds were arranged by hand on each one to create a message.



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The burgers were delivered to three institutions for the visually impaired in South Africa and taste tested by blind people whose reactions were then filmed. The Art Director for the advertising campaign Dale Mullany said the company were delighted by the response.

 "The response we had when these people read the message was worth every moment that it took," Mr Mullany said.

The video, featured below, claims that through social media and the blind community’s Braille newsletters, the message was spread to 800,000 visually impaired people.

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